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How to Extend the Life of Your Business Laptop

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It is difficult to go about your day in the modern world without technology now. Everywhere you look, there is a screen, a smartphone or a computer holding so much information and providing us with irreplaceable support. So, what happens when our devices start slowing down, start making us feel nervous with the occasional blue screen, or starts playing up at the most inconvenient of times? Which is, let’s face it, is all the time right now.

Many of us do not have the money to fork out for a brand-new laptop, and even if we do, laptops really should be built to last, or at least until you get your money’s worth. So, with that being said, try out these tips and tricks to prolong your business laptop so you can get the most out of it.

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Nothing makes a laptop feel old and behave older than out-of-date software. And luckily, there is an extremely quick way to fix this. Old software can cause your laptop to run slow, glitch, have loading issues, and crash, just to name a few. If the software, drivers, and patches are outdated, this can pose a risk for infiltration of malware.

Make sure to keep them up to date either manually, or you can set up an auto-update on your computer.

Keep it Cool

Allowing a laptop to overheat is one of the fastest ways for you to shorten its lifespan, and if you are doing particularly demanding stuff on your laptop, you might notice it can get more than a little warm. While it is not recommended you take apart your laptop yourself, you can see a lenovo specialist to have your laptop cleaned out professionally. At home or at work, make sure that your fans and vents on your laptop are not covered so they can work efficiently, and do not leave your laptop in direct sunlight!

Embrace the Cloud

One of the reasons our laptops stop functioning as efficiently as possible is the memory. If too much memory is being taken up, our computer starts to lag and struggles to open programs effectively. Using the cloud is a really useful option to combat a lot of this issue, especially if you are really into storing thousands of photographs or documents. Storing these documents on a cloud-based server means not only are freeing up all that memory, but you can also access your files from any laptop, wherever you are, which can be particularly convenient if you are on the go for work.

Try a Factory Reset

Perhaps the more permanent option of “turn it on and off again”, a factory reset is one of the fastest and more efficient ways in which you can refresh your laptop. It will bring all the settings back to how they were originally when you bought it, but you will still be able to add all of the new updates and patches to keep things running smoothly. Just remember to back up all your data before you do this!

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