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How to Fake Location iPhone For Free (Guide)

by Fahad Saleem

You have an iPhone, but your parents are tracking your location using your check-ins, or other tracking apps? You want to fake your location on iPhone to brag about you going to places around the world? Or you just want to fake your location in different dating apps like Tinder, or mapping apps? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place because this article lists how to fake location iPhone. Having the facility to change your location in iPhone comes handy in many cases. You can change or fake location iPhone to open a lot of websites which might be blocked in your country, or you can get rid of all the tracking apps in your device. Here’s how to fake location in iPhone.

Fake Location in iPhone

Note: In order to change or fake location iPhone, you must have a jailbroken device. Unfortunately, there is no trick out there yet to let you fake location iPhone without jailbreak.

The best way to fake your location in iPhone is to use the free Cydia tweak called “Location Faker”. This tweak lets you change your location across your iOS device. The tweak is powerful, and lets you change your location in a perfectly detailed manner, that is, you can fake location in your iPhone up to the very specific mapping coordinates. It doesn’t only let you fake location just on a vague “country” basis; you can actually fake your location and set it to specific streets, towns of the faked location.

Just open Cydia and search for this Location Faker tweak from the search section. This tweak is available for all the latest versions of iOS including iOS 9.

fake location iphone 2

When you open this app, it shows your current location on a map. But you can drag and drop the green pin of your current location anywhere on the global map. So let’s say you want to fake location iPhone from your current location to London. Just hold the current location green pin, drag it to London! Amazing! Isn’t it?

After changing your current location, make sure to tap the toggle button (location at the left bottom corner of the app screen) to ON. Once this button is ON, that means Location Faker will start to emanate location data from the latest (fake) location.

fake location iphone 1

The best part about this Cydia tweak to change location in iPhone is that it works with all the social media and map apps. Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Tinder, Twitter, you name it! You can even post images directly from camera with your fake location. Google Maps will show the maps, suggest places according to the changed location. Such is the power of Location Faker, and that too for free.

You can add a bunch of your favorite locations manually so that you don’t have to do all the location changing process every time. You can quickly choose any location from the favorite locations to switch over.

fake location iphone without jailbreak 1

This was how to fake location iPhone. This cydia tweak is enough to let you tweet, post Facebook statuses, check-in, and hide your activity from others.

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