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How to Find an ATM Near You: Your Guide


Image Credit: Equity Bank

How many ATMs do you think there are worldwide? Well, it’s difficult to answer, but apparently, there are 49.62 ATMs for every 100,000 adults. So, why is it that when you desperately need to access cash, you can never find one?

When you find yourself in that situation, don’t worry. We’ve pulled together a guide on how to find an ATM near you right now.

Access an ATM Network

The best place to start your ATM search is via an interbank ATM Network. These networks work across the sector to offer services without any ATM fees. Where to find an ATM is easy knowledge if you access one of these top three ATM Networks.

  • Allpoint has over 55,000 ATMs nationwide
  • MoneyPass is still one of the largest ATM networks, with 37,000 machines
  • Co-op covers all states with 30,000 ATMs

Save On Fees With In-Network ATMs

There are different types of ATMs, so if your bank is not part of an ATM network, you may be charged a hefty usage fee. In this instance, the best plan is to find an in-network ATM.

These are typically ATMs that your bank provides. For example, the ATMs you use outside your bank building are in-network. You can find in-network ATMs by searching online. Most banks list online their ATMs per state.

Head to the Supermarket

A nearby supermarket is likely to have an ATM. However, it will be challenging to know if it is a free ATM until you arrive. Nevertheless, research suggests that people are more likely to spend money in-store if there is an ATM. So, we imagine this partnership to continue long into the future.

Use Offline Maps

Sometimes, you might not have mobile data or WiFi. If this often happens to you, download a free offline app such as Maps.Me. This fantastic map will download an area in full detail. In addition, there is a specific search function for how to find an ATM. So, you’ll have access to cash in no time at all.

Use Affiliated Bank ATMs On Vacation

How to find an ATM is even more complicated when you are abroad. If you’re not careful, you can quickly rack up ATM fees. Each time you use a US card at a non-affiliate ATM abroad, it will charge you $5.

To avoid this nightmare situation, research your affiliated banks. It might take a few minutes, but you’ll avoid ATM fees. As an example, the Bank of America has the following affiliates:

  • Europe: Barclays United Kingdom, BNP Paribas, BNL D’Italia, Deutsche Bank
  • Australia and New Zealand: Westpac Bank
  • Mainland China: China Construction Bank
  • Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and the Caribbean countries: Scotiabank

Locating a Bitcoin ATM

Searching for a Bitcoin ATM can be an arduous task. However, the lovely folks at Byte Federal have made the job easier. Check them out because they now have over 1,300 Bitcoin ATMs.

You can use a quick search map to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM near you. How we handle and use “money” is changing, so we expect to see more BitCoin ATMs.

How to find an ATM

Hopefully, we’ve answered how to find an ATM. Of course, using technology to find an ATM is the quickest way.

However, if you prepare, you can save time and effort with recognized affiliated banks and ATM networks. So, withdraw your cash and have a good time.

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