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How to Find Arbitrage Opportunities In Betting?



For those with an interest in sports as well as those with no such interest, the betting industry offers one of the most lucrative opportunities available; and arbitrage betting could very well be the key to your success. The idea of placing bets in arbitrage is quite unusual.

In spite of this, it is one of the bets that brings in the most money and is the most trustworthy across the entire sports betting business across the world. To the point that many people refer to the wager as a “sure bet” due to its high level of predictability.

It’s my sincerest hope that this article addresses all your queries about how to find arbitrage opportunities in betting.

However, for the sake of beginners, I’ll take some time to explain what Arbitrage betting entails.

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a method in which bets are placed with multiple online bookmakers in order to cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event and ensure a profit for the bettor regardless of which events actually occur.

An arb occurs when betting organizations take a different stance on the outcomes of a specific sporting event, which means that they give different odds to represent the likelihood of the outcomes they are predicting.

If you can find a scenario in which bookies disagree by a significant margin, you might be able to guarantee a profit even if the conclusion you bet on turns out to be incorrect.

How To Find Arbitrage Opportunities In Betting 

How to find arbitrage opportunities is in some ways similar to how to find matched betting. Here are some of the best ways.

You can find arbitrage opportunities by searching manually

Although It’s not particularly common today, it is still possible to find opportunities for arbitrage betting manually, without the use of any program.

Even though it’ll yield lower profits, I strongly suggest that you try this for a while before purchasing any software.

Doing so will give you a really good feel of how all of the bookmaker sites work, and you will not feel the pressure of having to place bets quickly to take advantage of an arb.

Here are the step by step procedures to find arbitrage opportunities manually;

  • Find some bookmakers that are local to your country and look them up.
  • Check to see if arbitrage scanner services are scanning that bookmaker to see if they are scanned(it is hard to find one that is not scanned, but hope for the best)
  • Pick a sport in which you already have some experience. I believe that betting on football and tennis is the greatest place to start for those who are new to the game.
  • Open the same sporting event in more bookies, and compare the odds offered by each of the bookmakers you have access to for the same market.
  • Try your hand at the markets that only have two possible outcomes to begin with, such as over/under goals, over/under corners, and over/undercards.
  • If you have experience with handicapped markets, you are welcome to investigate those as well.
  • If you search Google for “arbitrage calculator,” you will find numerous different free calculators that you can use to compare odds.
  • You’ll stand a chance of getting an arbitrage opportunity if the calculator shows a probability that is lower than 100% and a profit margin that is higher than 0%.
  • Enter the desired total bet amount into the calculator, and then place your bets using the stakes that the calculator suggests.

By Using Free Arbitrage Softwares

This strategy is the most effective one for locating arbitrage betting opportunities and expanding your bankroll for novice arbitrage bettors.

These services perform scripted scans of the bookies to compare the odds offered by each one and identify potential arbitrage opportunities.

Here’s a trusted list of arbitrage scanner providers that also provide a free platform;

Using Paid Arbitrage scanner Software

Using the premium version of these services will almost always have a significant positive effect, both on the quality of your arbitrage bets and the total number of them.

In this way, you will not have to deal with any delays, and the percentage of maximum profit you can get from arbitrage bets will not be capped.

Key Takeaways 

  • Arbitrage betting is a method in which bets are placed with multiple online bookmakers in order to cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event and ensure a profit for the bettor regardless of which events actually occur.
  • There are 3 basic ways in which you can find arbitrage opportunities they include; By searching manually, using free arbitrage software, and by using paid and premium versions of these arbitrage software. 


The manual search is the most time-consuming and arduous of the three possibilities. It is solely suggested for newbies, as it will assist them in becoming accustomed to the websites of the bookmakers.

The use of free arbitrage betting software is beneficial in determining which program suits your needs and preferences best. However, the software is inefficient for users who are serious about sports arbitrage betting because of the tight restrictions placed on the arbs that are displayed.

Last but not least, although the subscription program is very pricey, it is the only option to identify arbitrage bets consistently and reliably.

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