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How to Find IP Address in Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android

If you are looking on ways to find ip address, you are at the right place. IP address is the unique number assigned by the vendor or Internet Service providers to uniquely identify a machine online or offline. In this article, I will explain how to find IP address, check your IP address in Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Checking and finding iP address is necessary because we all need it every once in a while. If you want to connect your phone or computer in shared network, you will need to find your ip

address. If you want to connect printer or share hardware, you will need your ip address. So let’s start by first seeing how to find ip address in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or any other version as we will be basically running a simple command and it is not different for any version.

Find IP address in Windows

Open command prompt in Windows. You can do this by typing ‘cmd’ in Run or searching command prompt in the search box in Windows 8.

Type the following command in command prompt.


Hit Enter.

You will see a listed set of data, numbers. Located something starting with IPv4 address. The number written after this is your IP address. You could also check and find other metric like gateway, Mac etc. You can use ipconfig/all command to dig down deeper to find more data about your device.

 Find IP Address in Android

In order to find IP address on Android phone, follow the process given below. The process can vary very slightly depending upon the manufacturer of your device but don’t worry, anyone could easily figure it out.

Tap and Hold

the Wifi logo in your phone to open the network connections. You can also open the network connections by going to the settings. But it’s easy to just use the draw-down menu from your home screen and tap and hold the ‘Wifi’ icon.

Tap the internet connection you are using, connected or for which you want to find ip address in Android.

You will see a list of details. Mostly, the ip address is written at the end of this list.

 Find IP address in iPhone or iPad

If you want to check and find ip address in iPhone or iPad, follow these steps.

Launch Settings in your iPhone or iPad

Go to the Wifi section

Tap the ‘i” mark in front of the wifi network in order to find ip address in iPhone.

After tapping, you will see a list having details of your Wifi network. You could see the ip address at the top.


This was how to check and find ip address in Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Let us know in the comments in case of any problem or more questions.

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