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How to Find Lost Android Phone using Google’s New Feature

by Fahad Saleem

We all freak out when our mobile phone is lost. People around the world daily forget their phones in offices, shops, restaurants and places. This is because the trend of using smartphone is on the boom; people don’t let go their phones anywhere they are. This gives rise to mobile phone loss issues. Google is well aware of this problem and recently launched a new feature using which you could search about the whereabouts of your phone and it will show you the exact location of your phone at that instance of time in the search results.

How to Find Lost Android Phone

You can type anything simple and quick like ‘where is my phone’ or ‘find my phone’. This feature to find your phone using Google search is now rolling out in the updated Google search app.

find android phone 1

It is important to note that for find your phone with Google search, you must search the phone from the Google search by logging in the account which you use in your phone that is lost.

Google will not only show you where the phone is, it can also give you a call to help you locate it. You can locate a phone when the bell rings, or someone could pick up and you could content and patch up for the lost phone.

The search results will show you the current location of your phone. It will also give you option to delete and erase all the data; ring or lock down the phone. This way, you can handle and protect your phone data remotely.

find android phone 2

This is the similar feature like the famous Find My iPhone feature of Apple. The only drawback of Google’s latest feature is that your mobile phone must be connected to the internet for the search results to work. This could make this feature useless. Anyways, it’s a good development from Google and we hope more refinements will hit this feature very soon.

Images Source: Addictive Tips

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