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How To Find The Top Rated Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

by Felix Omondi
How To Find The Top Rated Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

It has been what? One month three weeks, since Netflix became accessible in Kenya without the use of VPNs. Well, Kenya and about other 129 countries across the globe, as previously Netflix was restricted mainly to the United States and Canada.

As more and more people get aboard the Netflix ship, their enthusiasm continues to dwindle with time. As they soon discover, now that they have Netflix it is not as entertaining as they used to hear before getting access to the streaming website.

Well, Netflix is as awesome as you used to hear. The problem might be you do not know how to search for the really cool stuff to watch. Especially if you depend on Netflix’s Discovery to find what to watch; it only suggests new releases and the regular genres.

However, if you are looking for the best of the best movies and TV shows, by that I mean the top rated content by users. I would suggest you look to the following third parties websites that browse through Netflix’s catalog and ranks movies and shows according to users’ ratings:


The site Wioflix gets its name from ‘What is on Netflix?’ It uses three different sources Metacritic, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes to list the best-rated movies and shows stream-able on Netflix. The movies are listed in a hierarchy, from the highly rated to the least rated, and the list is updated every week.How To Find The Top Rated Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

You just need to select which of their three sources you would like to use to search for the top rated movies and shows on Netflix. You can even filter the movies and shows based on genres or search for a particular title.

Digital Trends Movies & TV Guide

Online publisher Digital Trends has a Movie & TV section where they feature the currently best-rated movies and TV shows you can stream on Netflix. The team behind the content is quite thorough and has even classified the content under only ‘The Best Movies’ and ‘The Best TV Shows’. They have divided the section further under different genres.How To Find The Top Rated Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

So if you are a newbie on Netflix, and your enthusiasm is quickly dwindling, it is probably because you do not know how to search for the cool stuff to watch. Netflix is also shooting itself in the foot, by not giving ‘rookies’ a useful tool to search for the best-rated movies and shows. Its Discovery is doing a poor job.

How to Unlock Geo-Restricted Netflix Content

While Netflix might now be accessible to many countries across the globe, not everyone across the globe access the same content on the streaming platform. Viewers in North America for one, have more content accessible on Netflix that people outside the region are geo-restricted from watching.

However, these days there is really no such thing as geo-restrictions. Since there is a plethora of tools you can use as circumvent such restriction. One of the most highly recommended tools for unlocking geo-restricted content on Netflix is the Surfshark VPN. Not only can you access Netflix US content but also bypass the Netflix m7111-1331-5059 Error Code.

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