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How to Find Websites and Bloggers for Link Building: Best Backlink Tips You Must Follow

by Fahad Saleem

Backlinks are the life and blood of any website. A linkback from a good, valid website is like a credential for your website. When your website has a lot of back links, Google knows that your website is useful and reputable. It goes without saying that paying for backlinks and backlinks from bad, irrelevant websites will do an irreparable damage to your website and could result in loss of tons of traffic.

There is no hiding from the fact that there is no easy way to get links. You will have to contact people manually and request them to give you a link back. Again, the request won’t be hooked with dollars alone. Your website must have quality content and relevancy. Here are some tips to find the best and relevant websites and bloggers for your link building campaign and how to convince them to give you link backs.

Know How To Search

The best way to find bloggers and websites for linkbacks to search on Google. For example, if you are looking for links from finance websites, search Google with the query: list of finance websites or list of finance bloggers. Manually check every website and get the contact information from the contact us and social media pages.

Narrow Down Based on URL terms

Another great way to narrow down your search for quality backlinks is to add a useful term in the search query. For example, we are looking for finance bloggers which are actually talking about tech stocks on their websites. So I will prefer the search query:

Finance bloggers inurl: tech stocks

You can further narrow down your search by using another term. So if I write:

Finance bloggers “tech stocks to buy” inurl: tech stocks

The above query will return websites which have tech stocks in their URL and talking about what tech stocks to buy.

Parse Twitter Bios of Bloggers

Most of the bloggers are active on Twitter, and they proudly write about the stuff they blog about in their Twitter bios. There is an amazing tool called Follower Wonk which scrapes Twitter bios based on your search term and returns profiles. You can use follower wonk tool and search the best bloggers that might be useful for you.

Find the Most Relevant Websites based on Keyword Ranking

If you have some keywords which you want to rank on your website and get more backlinks from websites which are ranked for those keywords, you should use TagCrowd tool to get the best websites. The tool is simple: just give a website URL and Tag Crowd will tell you the top keywords for the website. This tool is useful to find out relevancy of a website for getting backlinks.

Never Get a Linkback from a Bad Quality Website: How to Check a Website Quality

You must not get back links from websites which are penalized or have bad rapport. Domain Authority is a great metric that depicts a website quality and authority. You can check domain authority of a website using various tools which are available on the internet. You can also check a website quality and traffic using a tool called “SemRush”.


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