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How to find Wi-Fi Password on a Mac Computer

by Felix Omondi
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As you work on your laptop while on the move. You are bound to connect to various Wi-Fi networks across your city or several cities. Each time you log into a new Wi-FI network, your Mac laptop (well even Windows or Linux laptop) keeps in memory each SSID and its associated password for all the Wi-Fi you will have connected to.

After a while, your laptop becomes a digital keychain with passwords for various Wi-Fi network spread out across your city and/or several cities. There may come a time you visit one of the establishments whose Wi-Fi network you have already connected to in the past, and they haven’t changed the password yet.

You may also have with you a new device that has never connected to the given Wi-Fi network before. Of course, you could always ask the management for the Wi-Fi password again, and risk being looked at with a side-eye. As they think you only came to their establishment to freeload on their Wi-Fi internet, or you could simply retrieve it from your Mac laptop that already has the password.

Like we said, your laptop becomes a digital keychain and if you know where to look, you will find the SSIDs alongside the passwords of all the Wi-Fi networks you have ever connected to before.

How to I find a Password for a Wi-Fi Network I’ve connected to before?

That is the question, right! Well, open Spotlight and type in Keychain Access in the search bar and hit Enter key on the keyboard.

When the Keychain Access window opens up, click the Password category found on the left sidebar.How to find Wi-Fi Password on a Mac Computer

You obviously can see the SSID name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, but you just don’t know the password. Well, type the name of the SSID in the search bar.

Once you find it, double click it to open. Next, click on the checkbox located next to Show password text box and enter your computer’s admin username and password.

You should see the password for the Wi-Fi network you are looking for.

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