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How To Fit In Online If You Feel So Different


5 Tips By Livebeam

A lot of pressure comes with being socially acceptable in today’s society. There is a lot to catch up with in terms of social trends, new slangs and even food on the online platform like Livebeam. How do you cope with all of that and not feel socially awkward or worse still, lose yourself while fitting in? Trying so hard to fit in sometimes might cause more harm than good. It is important that you understand that fitting in does not require changing your personal values and doesn’t need to alter so many things about how you perceive life. 

Here are some tips so that you don’t feel so different and that’s why Livebeam has listed some things you can work on while you’re having conversations online to make you feel like you belong.

  • Overcome trust issues 

A lot of times, feeling different comes from a place of mental or social anxiety. The root cause of this can be traced back to a traumatic experience that you’ve not quite healed from. If your lost friends sometimes and in the process damage your emotions, most especially, trust, you might find it very difficult to allow other people into your personal space. It’s not to say that you intentionally want to shut people off but you find yourself saying so little and being less socially active. 

How do you ensure that while chatting with your online buddy on Livebeam you are not entirely shutting them off by not giving them the same energy and in the process, not hurting yourself? Building friendships is usually the biggest risk we take as human beings. Being friends with someone for the longest time doesn’t guarantee your freedom from the ending of friendship. Instead of wanting to shut friends out for the fear of betrayal and later develop trust issues or emotional damage, why don’t you take time to heal from past hurts, look out for red flags, and let go of everything that might be holding you back from moving on so that you can give your all to future meaningful friendships?  

  • Be yourself 

An authentic lifestyle is far better and easier to maintain than a fake life. Have you noticed how hard it is to keep up with a facade and the work you have to put into not being you? If you genuinely show who you are to people, they’ll be left to decide if they’re comfortable with who you are or not. A lot of friendships have come to an end due to dishonesty and due to the fact somebody wasn’t entirely being honest about who they were. 

This attitude has sown the seed of distrust and in the long run, led to trust issues in a lot of people who have not had the opportunity to befriend genuine people. Livebeam suggests that your originality and sincerity should never be questioned, especially online. Your pictures, profile, etc. shouldn’t paint the picture of another person, rather should be a perfect description of who you are and what you represent.

On Livebeam, we encourage our users to use pictures of themselves on their profiles and put up a bio that describes who they truly are to be able to find true friends on the platform.

  • Avoid social media pressure 

Being on social media comes with a lot of pressure. Each social media platform has its peculiarities and the users on these various social media platforms have the responsibility to keep up and be up to date with whatever is going on on the various social media platforms they’re registered on. How do you fit into all those new trends without losing yourself or cracking under pressure in the process? Ensure you’re focused on the main aim and reason why you joined any of the platforms in the first place. Was it for entertainment, information, and connecting with other people? Keeping your goal in mind ensures that you’re keeping your mind focused on why you’re there in the first place. 

You don’t have to be a part of all the available social media platforms. For example, for the purpose of connecting with early stage content creators, Livebeam can serve that purpose. Every and any platform you decide to join must be in line with your reason for joining in the first place. You can also decide to take some time off social media and return at a later time if you are overwhelmed with keeping up with social trends. Take it slowly and allow yourself the liberty of focusing on one thing at a time rather than all at the same time.

  • Speak up 

Being vocal leaves an impression on people and helps them make a fast decision on whether they want to communicate with you or not. Your words express your thoughts, especially on trending issues. It gives people a brief idea of who you are. The reason you are not fitting in entirely isn’t that you’re socially awkward, instead, it is because you don’t speak up at social events, you don’t make an effort to connect with people, and you also find it hard to express your thoughts online with your chat buddies. Introverts and shy people usually fall into this category and might have a hard time overcoming this. It takes effort to leave your comfort zone. 

Speak up meaningfully, express yourself, and don’t let anyone shut you out. If you feel your chat buddy on Livebeam isn’t giving you a chance to express yourself or speak up, you can let that person know. It ensures that the friendship is not one-sided and dominated by one person. Another way to be more interactive (speaking up) online is by dropping comments on content of your favorite content maker  on Livebeam. You can air your opinions through this, thereby putting yourself out there to be found by like-minded people. This creates an avenue for you to fit in socially as well.

  • Find a common ground

A common ground between people usually forms the basis of their friendship. It’s hard to find friends who have absolutely nothing in common. To befriend people, something must have drawn you to them. It could be their intellect, sense of humor, fashion style, or worth ethic. It is usually something unique that you also resonate with. With a common interest or value, you don’t have to try so hard to fit in and impress anyone. All the effort is put into what both parties have in common and other conversations can come from there. 

The essential reason why your profile has to be genuine about who you are is that Livebeam helps its users find people with common interests and share common values. An instance where you’re not a football lover but add it to your profile, and you’re matched with other football lovers on the platform won’t benefit you in any way. This is why it is super important not to be dishonest because it could cost you meaningful and valuable connections. 

Summarily, fitting in online or offline isn’t the hardest thing. If you’re finding it difficult to fit in, use these tips Livebeam has provided you with and start practicing in your next outing or chat experience.

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