How to forget a Wi-Fi Network on a Mac computer

how to forget wi-fi network on a mac computer

Perhaps there is more to the fact Windows PCs are more popular than Mac computers other than their prices. We all know, on average you pay more to own latter than the former, but it could also be that Windows is simply more user-friendly than macOS. Though I know that’s debatable.

However, coming from a Windows computer to a Mac computer, you find a lot of things to be different. For one, macOS seems to be having ‘two taskbars,’ one at the very top, and another one at the bottom (the Dock). For a long-time exclusive Windows user that seems, somewhat strange.

How to forget a Wi-Fi Network?

Coming from Windows, you might feel ‘out of place’ with the macOS platform. And if you’re looking to forget certain Wi-Fi network, follow the steps below.

Click on the Apple logo > System Preferences

Network > Advanced

At this point, you should see a Window with a list of previously connected to Wi-Fi networks. Scroll to the network you would like to forget and click on it once.

Now click the ‘’ sign to remove the Wi-Fi network from your list of the recognized networks; Wi-Fi networks that you previously signed into, and will automatically connect to on subsequent times.

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