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How to Get, Insert Instagram Emoticons in Android

Emoticons can really spice up your chat and social media posts. In fact, today’s social media craze is nothing without emoticons. And when it comes to Instagram, it’s all about visual depiction, emotions, feelings, right? Instagram emoticons are fun to use and could really make your posts, videos, messages, comments. A lot of users have asked about how to get Instagram emoticons in Android. The reason of the question is because of the fact that unlike WhatsApp, Instagram doesn’t have built-in emotions. There are two methods to get Instagram emoticons. The one is the easy, native way. There is no rocket science in it. The second one is also easy, but it uses an app. This app gives you a lot of options and interesting emoticons. Let’s see both ways.

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Get Instagram Emoticons in Android

Native Keyboard

The first way is easy. If you are using Swift Keyboard in Android, just use the emoticons from the keyboard while posting and commenting on Instagram and they will be shown on the Instagram interface without any change.

Using a Free App

Download and install the free Cool Symbols Emoji Emotions app from the Google Play Store.

Tap Start.

You will see a settings screen. Here, you can change the interface, options of the app, but that doesn’t make any difference to the way the app works, so better skip it.

Close the app. You should now see a pink heart sign on top of your phone notifications bar. That means the app is ready and working.

Now go to the place where you want to type the message with Instagram emotions. When you activate the text box, writing the message, just draw down the notifications bar from top of the Android screen and you will see two options: image symbols and characters symbols.

Go to image symbols or character symbols and tap on any emotion you want to enter in your post. It will be copied. Now come to the text where you were and paste the emoticon by long pressing.

That’s it. The Instagram emoticon will be pasted. This is how to get Instagram emoticons with copy pasting method with this great free app.


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