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How To Get More iPhone Battery Life with the new iOS 18


Apple’s latest mobile OS, comes with new features to push out more hours on a single battery charge. Something we will all appreciate because who needs to be tethered to a wall power outlet now and then?

Here’s how to get more battery life on your iPhone if it supports the new iOS 18:

Monitoring Charging Habits

When you go to Settings > Battery,  you can now see parts of your charging graph in orange. This indicates when you’re using a slow charger. There’s also supposed to be a notice that pops up when the phone is plugged into a slow charger.

Setting a Charging Limit

In Settings > Battery > Charging, you can set a charging limit for your iPhone. Previously, the only option was an 80 percent limit, but iOS 18 lets you choose limits ranging from 80 to 100 percent in five percent increments.

This is really helpful since conventional battery health wisdom dictates keeping the charge between 20 and 80 percent. However, for your needs, an 80 percent limit might be too low, so you will really appreciate being able to set it at 85, 90, or 95 percent.

Apple also added an option to temporarily return the charging limit to 100 percent for one time only, after which it reverts to my set limit. It’s important to make sure these settings are configured correctly to avoid wondering why your iPhone has less battery life compared to others.

The New Better Dark Mode

While not directly related to battery health, the new Dark Look in iOS 18 allows you to make everything on the display, including icons, significantly darker. This feature might save a bit of battery life — every little bit helps, right?

With these features, iOS 18 will really help you manage your iPhone’s battery life better than ever before.

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