How to Get More Traffic, Sales on Your Shopify Store

Shopfiy is up and thriving. If you want to make money online by selling items, you should make a Shopfiy store in 2020.

One of the first steps in establishing your Shopify stores for success is to get more eyes on your store. Once you get traffic, you will experience conversions.

Most people think that once they set up a Shopify store, people will just start coming to their store and buying stuff.

This does not work like this. There are thousands of Shopify stories. You have to be special, consistent and have great content to grab audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are extremely powerful. Over 2 billion people use Facebook every month. With Facebook ads, you can reach thousands of people daily in a budget as low as $20.

You just have to target at a granular level. Based on your product, target audience in Facebook ads at a very detailed level.

For example, if you are selling kids leggings, target women in the age group of 28 – 45 as this age group of women mostly have small kids who need leggings.

Content for Organic Search, Google SEO

The next most important thing to get success on Shopify is to create original content. Your website should have great content published almost daily for it to get organic audience.

Moms looking for leggings for kids, for example, will search on Google. If you have great posts around relevant keywords, they will eventually end up on your website and make a sale.

Keep creating content around your core products. Review your items, generate ideas and help general audience. Eventually you will have an audience and they will buy stuff from your store.


Pinterest helps a lot in garnering audience for Shopify sales. Make an account and start making, curating boards on Pinterest related to the items you sell. Pinterest is highly visual. When people see beautiful, stylish products on Pinterest boards, they click to buy.

Lastly, understand that Shopify is just a tool to sell stuff.

Your success essentially does not depend on what tool you use.

Do you ever ask a shopkeeper why did they use a certain color and type of bricks in their shop?

All you focus on is the product.

In all of the Shopify success stories, the success factor comes down to the product.

If you have a strong product, your chances of success on Shopify will exponentially increase.

You should definitely use Shopfiy because it’s the easiest and best online web store tool. It gives you tons of options to make online web stores for free, integrate payment methods. Not only this, one can also take help of a eCommerce or web strategy implementation professional like “Tada” that provides the option to install the Shopify pop-up or on online games in the form of a wheel of fortune app which will give the end result like more sales, subscribers & leads.

Share your Shopify experience in the comments below.

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