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How to get the most out of your WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress has revolutionized the internet for businesses and individuals in as far as setting up websites and putting out your information out there online

is concerned. Long gone are the days one needed to hire a super coder to code up a website from the ground up and do a follow up with regards to feeding content to the site, fixing security patches among other things.

These days, although one may still need the services of a web designer, some of the heavy liftings have been automated on WordPress. To the point, some of the website set up and running can be done in-house.

Webmasters now have unprecedented powers over the individual web pages on their site, but if you plan on running a successful online campaign. It is critical that you have a top-notch landing page with forms of messaging and calls to actions. That forms the basis of this article; we will be taking a look at how a business can maximize the benefits of WordPress landing pages.

Effortlessly Collect Contacts

One of the many roles of a landing page is collecting potential clients contacts. That forms the whole basis of your marketing campaign, getting your message to the clients, through one of the many strategies including email marketing.

Your landing page can be a great resource for acquiring v

isitors contact information, but we want to let you know you can seamlessly integrate collected contact information to your email marketing software and other apps. A level of automation in your marketing endeavours that increase efficiency.

PieSync, is one such tool you can use to easily integrate the email addresses you have collected into about 200 different apps, including MailChimp, Outlook, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.

Insightful Plugins

There are oceans and seas out there of WordPress plugins, and oceans of them when it comes to ones useable on your landing pages. However, only a handful of them that do their job diligently while giving you useful information. Though what you really want, are the ones that help you increase your conversion rates on the landing page.

We have identified, a couple of such plugins and they are OptimizePress, Instapage, and Elementor. With these plugins, an admin can create high-performing landing pages with just a few clicks on their computer, instead of painstakingly creating each individual element. The plugins we have suggested also give you the ability to generate variations of the landing pages, enabling you to quickly do A/B testing. To get more information on that, follow this link.

Laser focus on your Content

While you may have a wide option with regards enriching your landing page. Any traffic leading to those pages will not bear much fruit if the landing page does not have relevant content that attracted the visitor to click on the ad-link in the first place. If the visitor finds irrelevant information, they will quickly click the back button or close the tab on their browser.

That is why it is critical you create catchy landing page headlines matching the Ad that drove the visitors to your site in the first place. The page needs to also have key information persuading the visitors to take certain actions. That can be achieved by either using plain text, images, and short videos.

Your ad-copy must hit the nail on the head first and fast. That can be achieved by giving your visitor tangible examples of what your product does, or showing a demo of your services. So to wrap up things, this should be your take away.

Though WordPress is easy to design, it does not mean zero efforts to turn those leads into tangible results. It requires a diligent focus on your ad-copy, using professional plugins on your landing pages, and then seamlessly integrating them with your other marketing channels.

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