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How to Get Windows 7 Like Start Button and Menu in Windows 10

by Fahad Saleem

Remember the kerfuffle which erupted after Microsoft decided to remove the trademark “Start” button and menu from Windows 8. People remonstrated and protested the slashing of Windows nomenclature, but the time was gone. Luckily, Windows 10 has arrived with Start Menu and button. The latest build of Windows 10 shows a pretty useful and grandiose start menu and button, a combination of Windows XP and Windows 10 debonair, but there was something peculiar about Windows 7 Start menu which is redundant in Windows 10. Windows 10 looked much clean, fluid and fast; the start menu and start button of Windows 7 added loads to my productivity. Notwithstanding the fact that you can use Windows 10 with the same ease and mostly similar Start menu, I would still prefer Windows 7 start menu and interface. The good news is that you could enjoy Windows 7 start menu in Windows 10 using a great software. Meet Startisback++, a great new app for Windows 10 which transforms Windows 10 start menu and button to Windows 7.

startisback 1

Get Windows 7 Like Start Button and Menu in Windows 10

Customization is perhaps the most spectacular feature of Startisback++ app. It even gives you the option of replacing Start Menu with the classic Windows 7 orb. You can also specify the settings using which you could open the menu. You can make the settings to just press the Windows button to open the start menu from the keys.  Cortana is also supported.

startisback 2

Startisback maintains the Windows 10 icons and basic looks, which is obviously far better than Windows 7. It just amalgamates the best productivity features of start menu and button from Windows 7 into Windows 10.

Here’s a news having tinge of a bitter taste: Startisback is not free, it costs $2.99 with a 30 day free trial period, but it’s worth it. It is the best and foremost productivity app you should install if you have got Windows 10 built or planning to install the complete Windows 10 as it rolls out.

Download Startisback++ for Windows

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