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How to give your online business image an overhaul


Having a business makeover shouldn’t just be restricted to a new logo and an interior decoration redesign. Refurbishing your online presence is just as crucial for presenting your business to customers and fellow peers. An online overhaul can involve many things: improving your network technology, giving your website a facelift or making a significant change to your content. Whether you’re planning on changing your marketing strategy or enhancing your website’s functionality, here are some options for your online overhaul.

Use chatbots

If your company values its customer service skills and wants to ensure that all visitors’ needs are catered for, then investing in chatbots is a wise move. Not only are these online chatting systems far cheaper than an entire customer service team, but they also leave visitors feeling as if they have been catered to almost immediately. They also showcase your business’ willingness to embrace technology and the efficiency it brings with it, particularly as 75% of internet users are adopting messaging platforms.

Use a modern website

It’s possible to have a modern website that doesn’t do your company any justice. While simple and slick can look effortless and easy-to-digest, you also want your site to be easy-on-the-eye. Working with a web developer to create a website that not only exudes the message and style of your brand but is also effortless to use, is one of the easiest and best ways to upgrade how your business appears online. If you’ve been looking at how to get domain name in order to register your business’ URL officially, it’s advised that you double check your website address first. Check that your chosen URL name can’t be misinterpreted and that it is spelled correctly.

Declutter social media

If you don’t have a social media manager or someone who at least has a knack for using social media platforms to manage your profiles, your social media might need a bit of a declutter. Removing old, irrelevant platforms and deleting posts that look unappealing are just two ways that you can give your social media presence an overhaul.

On top of this, it’s a wise idea to go through all of your social media platforms and check that all of your business and contact addresses are accurate. Not only is this invaluable to peers and visitors who may want to contact you, but having social media platforms with out-of-date details can look either disorganized or lazy.

The fine details

Besides the big platforms such as social media and official websites, sometimes giving your online presence an overhaul can be added to by amended the smaller details. Taking a moment to look at your staff’s email signatures is just one way of doing this. Not only should you be checking that your address and contact numbers are all up-to-date, but also that it looks visually enticing. Any emails that are sent externally could reveal something about the image of your business.

Overhauling your online presence needn’t be expensive or extensive. Taking a moment to notice the more delicate details about your business’ branding and how it comes across is the first step in making a note of what needs to be cast out and what can go in its place.

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