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How to Hide Instagram Stories from Specific Followers, Friends on Android, iPhone

We post our special moments to Instagram stories almost daily. But no matter how great the people in your followers list on Instagram are, you’d always want to hide Instagram stories from specific people for various reasons. Some are envious; some just poke their nose in your privacy. Whatever the reason might be, you can easily hide your Instagram stories from specific friends on Instagram. Here’s how.

Hide Instagram Stories from Specific Followers, Friends

Open Instagram apps in your iPhone or Android phone and open your profile. Now tap on the great icon, which shows Settings (iOS). If you are using Android, the settings will be shown by ellipsis icon. This icon shows “options”.

Now you will see an “Account” tab. Below this, you will see “Story Settings”. Tap on it.

Now tap on the “Hide My Story From” option.

You will see a list of your followers, friends on Instagram. You can select people from whom you want to hide your Instagram stories.

After selecting the people from the list, tap “Done”. The selected people will no longer see your stories. Post with confidence and ease. If you change your mind later, come back to the same settings and remove the people from the list.

This is how to hide Instagram stories from specific followers and friends on Android and iPhone.

Fahad Saleem

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