How to import Excel Data by simply just taking a picture of a Spreadsheet

microsoft excel

Time has changed huh! Back in the days, when Microsoft was the de facto Office Suite provider. You had to pay a premium amount to do your number crunching, word processing, and other forms of presentation work. Well, these days they practically give you Excel for free!

Especially if you are on a mobile device with a screen less than 10 inches. Speaking of which, Microsoft has released an interesting update on the Android version of Excel that you are going to find to be super helpful.

This update comes with a feature that will enable you to take a snap of printed data table and it will be automatically converted into a digital and editable Excel spreadsheet. This update first rolled out on Android devices, with iOS users set to follow soon.

This feature is however only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, so if you want to enjoy it. I guess you have to move out of the freemium package. The said update is a feature running on image recognition technology that identifies all the information on the taken photo and then converts it into an Excel spreadsheet.

You can already envision just how much useful this feature is going to be; no more need to manually type in the data. Hell, there is not even need to copy-paste data anymore. Just simply take a snap and bang, things will upload to Excel app on your phone, and automatically sync to the cloud. That means it will also be available to you on the desktop.

The feature is labeled Insert Data from Picture and does the amazing job of converting analog to digital using just a single snap. The idea of this tool was first floated by Microsoft last year, as it looked into innovative ways of exploring machine learning technology.

Other than the ‘Insert Data from Picture,’ Microsoft also introduced a new security tool for its Microsoft 365 package. Microsoft will start pushing critical alerts through its Authentication app, making it easier for the user to address any potential security concerns such as data breaches and leaks.

The Authenticator app can also be used for two-factor authentication (2FA). In addition to viewing account activity quickly. The Authenticator app is available across both Android and iOS platforms.

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