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How To Improve Your Marketing Strategies Using AI


When talking about artificial intelligence (AI), most people immediately think of robots or computers with synthetic consciousness developed by humans, as most sci-fi films portray.

But outside the realm of cinema, AI is simply a system that can replicate tasks requiring human intelligence. Most virtual operations today rely on AI to speed up their processes and produce better results in a shorter time. Nowadays, business owners are looking into using it to enhance their marketing strategies.

Are you one of them?

It’s relatively new territory, but it’s not without reason. Here are some ways you and your team can use AI to make more effective marketing strategies.

  1. Personalize Web Experience

AI’s current capabilities don’t allow it to build a new website from scratch yet. However, it can help enhance your user experience with smart personalization. At a time when customers expect more meaningful experiences, AI can automate a huge part of this task.

Smart algorithms can do this by analyzing hundreds of data points about your user base. This includes its demographics, location, interactions, preferred devices for access, and so much more. After analyzing them, AI can display and recommend the best-suited offers, layouts, and content for your site.

In addition, it can help personalize push notifications, allowing you to deliver the right message to a specific user at the right time, in real-time. If you want to know more, you can check out this how to guide on real-time personalization among many other resources.

If you can’t check your website every now and then, an AI tool can monitor your site’s performance as well as large-scale changes in your data. This can help keep your sites up and running while notifying you when anomalies arise.

  1. Ad Targeting And Analysis

Most businesses allocate budgets for digital advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google and Facebook. Most of these campaigns are managed by in-house teams or outsourced to a PPC agency. However, you can further improve your advertising strategy by adding AI to the mix.

It can help you target the right customers, uncover new ad channels underutilized by your competition, and learn how people can see your ads. From there, it can then help you analyze your ad’s performance before and after going live.

You can then use the analysis to get suggestions for tweaking your ads to improve conversion rates and get better results. Since ads are expensive and can drain your marketing budget, testing can help balance the cost-to-performance ratio. This helps lower costs by letting you screen out relevant ads that make conversions.

  1. Content Creation

Currently, content marketing has become a global industry. It has become so prevalent that some marketers prioritize it over other types of marketing.

However, creating and moderating content across many channelsfrom blogs to social platformscan be an error-prone and time-consuming activity.

Fortunately, AI makes this process much easier for your firm.

Some tools have the potential to both generate and curate content, then post it for your audience on the ideal platform. And while AI is still not ready to write long-form articles and blogs, it can generate viable topics for content creators and writers or even develop drafts of content based on certain parameters.

On a more strategic side, AI can help marketers plan an end-to-end content strategy. In fact, some marketing solutions are now providing this feature. They allow you to generate comprehensive reporting on content campaigns with little to no human intervention.

  1. Smart Customer Engagement And Churn Prediction

AI and machine learning tools are now helping businesses identify dissatisfied or disengaged customer segments. These refer to people who are likely to leave and increase your churn rate.

An AI-powered tool can gather data, build a predictive model, and validate it on real customers. This information can help indicate what stage they are in the engagement cycle. They do this by watching out for churn-indicating behaviors like reduced usage time. In response, you can automate them to do things that encourage re-engagement, such as sending relevant offers or emails.

When combined with personalized content, AI-powered tools can help keep more of your customers engaged, reducing churn rate and leading to higher lifetime value and revenue.

Leverage AI Now

As you can see, your business can utilize AI to effectively generate brand awareness and grow your customer base. Smart marketers use AI marketing tools to help boost their strategic performance and success, leading to increased sales while streamlining the entire process. Learn how to use it to your advantage today.

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