How to Increase Followers on Instagram: Tried and Tested Tips and Secrets

Over the past years, Instagram has become a great content marketing, audience building, and networking tool for brands and individuals. One of the most popular social networking sites with more than 200 active members monthly who share 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day. Here is how to increase followers on Instagram.

Cross-promote Hashtag

You have created a hashtag for your brand but who knows it except you? Ensure that the hashtag is in your profile but spread it offline too. Print it on your receipts, signage, print ads, and at pertinent events. Tell people to use your hashtag, don’t just hope that people will find it. Ask your customers to share their photos with your hashtag. Spread it everywhere, online and offline. Try to get featured in the press, get guest posts on someone else’s post or do a podcast interview to increase followers on Instagram. iDigic has resources on Insta strategies you can check out.



The Instagram bio is the most important feature which people usually don’t use. Instead of telling all about you in the bio section, focus on your target customers and think how you can enthuse them. Make the most out of your bio URL to increase followers on Instagram. Change the bio URL frequently and use the link in your bio to drive traffic to your most popular and latest content.

Create Your Own Instagram Style

To stand out from others is what differentiates you. On Instagram, it is all about standing out. If you have a unique visual content style, your post will stand out in Newsfeed. Figure out how you want to be unique and do it. The followers want to know what to expect when they follow you, be consistent with your posts. Also, hosting giveaways can be a great way to increase followers on Instagram.

Trending Hashtags

Search and look out for famous and trending hashtags. Join those conversations to get involved and noticed in front of more people. To increase followers on Instagram, communicate with top influencers in your area to become one of their favorite people. If you are using the same hashtags, again and again, Instagram would consider it as spam. So, think of your hashtags like a category and make sure they have a purpose. Try to use different hashtags for each post.

Instagram Stories

The latest Instagram stories highlight feature is a great thing to utilize to tell your followers what your page is all about. Consider it like a movie trailer for your services, products or businesses. To make your stories to appear in public stories, add a hashtag or location to your story.

Boost Your Posts

Although Instagram Ads are not as popular as Facebook Ads it is still a good idea to boost your posts if you want to increase followers on Instagram. It is really simple to do it, just click on the ‘promote’ button once you post. You can also set the target audience if you want to. Another method to increase Instagram followers is to repost other’s content.



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