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How to Increase the Productivity of Stationery Sales Reps to Generate More Revenue


In order to know how to increase the productivity of stationery sales reps, one must know how to properly monitor them. Proper sales monitoring can help you record the activities of your field sales reps and ensure that they perform better and generate more revenue. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help you create custom apps to digitize business processes. CloudApper SalesQ is a highly customizable sales tracking software for the stationery industry that can help you track the progress of your stationery sales reps.

Managing territory, store, school, and office visits can make sure that stationery reps are performing well. Since vaccinations have ramped up and most institutions have started reopening, it is the right time to ramp up stationery deliveries. Sending feedback to reps and training them on their drawbacks, along with capturing feedback, can help you increase the revenue generated from selling stationery.

How SalesQ Can Help Increase the Productivity of Stationery Sales Reps

SalesQ allows you to increase the productivity of stationery sales agents by monitoring activities, visits, and check-ins. Sending strategic guidance to your sales teams also helps to keep them in line to ensure better performance.

Track Stationery Sales Targets

The sales targets of stationery sales reps should be monitored through an app like SalesQ that provides detailed reports on the visits completed by the sales rep, the targets reached by the sales team as a whole, and the units of items sold. These numbers are a comprehensive measure of the performance of sales teams and should be scrutinized to ensure that your reps are performing at their best. This will help to boost sales of stationery products.

Provide Directions


Sending strategic guidance or organising a virtual sales training programs to the field can help reps stay aligned and stick to achieving targets. Sending specific instructions on which stores to target and how much to deliver can help your sales reps perform better. Reps who are not performing well can be trained by attaching videos to the app for reps to view. Marketing collateral can be sent to reps in the same way for them to use during presentations. This makes sure conversions increase due to the use of collateral, and marketing resources are not wasted.

Verify Visit Authenticity

SalesQ allows you to make sure that your stationery sales reps are indeed making the visits that they report. Geo-fencing enables reps to only provide visit details from certain locations, as you are able to set a perimeter around client locations and reps can only provide check-in reports from assigned locations. This makes sure that you do not miss out on essential sales visits going through. Sales data can be compared with location to determine areas that are best for stationery sales, and you can increase your sales by sending the best reps there.

Use Data Dashboards

Data can be seen through detailed and customizable dashboards that give you insights on stationery sales, what is working, and what needs to be adjusted. Track visits completed, recent orders, top customers, and the visit heat map to understand the status of stationery sales better. Pipeline details help you understand the rate of conversion and what is the condition of prospects in the pipeline. Send your reps to cater to top customers by order and make more deliveries.

Check Daily Reports

Sales reps provide their own evaluations and a ratings on how well they think they have performed and what can be improved through SalesQ. This can teach stationery sales reps to increase their productivity, as reps will try to perform better and post better results each day and try to improve on the last day. Self-evaluation is a great technique that can help increase productivity. This also helps managers understand how reps are doing and where they need to improve.


Stationery sales reps can be managed through CloudApper’s SalesQ to make sure that they meet and exceed their targets. Take the guesswork out of sales operations by using SalesQ to ensure that reps make authentic visits and provide detailed reports as the app captures data through their phones. Sign up now to enjoy a 14-day free trial, and also try a plethora of free apps from the CloudApper marketplace.

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