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How To Increase Watch Time On YouTube


Content creators on YouTube eventually want to grow an audience so they can earn money. Before they can do this, they’ll need to meet certain guidelines. For instance, they will need to have a specific amount of watch time and many followers. Once the user meets these requirements, they can request to make their account monetized so they can begin making money.

Unfortunately, this is often harder than it sounds. Getting others to watch your YouTube videos won’t be easy because the competition is immense. How can you increase your watch time on YouTube so you can get monetized? You can buy social media service here and meet the requirements sooner or read the guide below to find out.

Be Consistent

First, the user needs to make sure that they’re consistent. Viewers prefer watching videos that are going to be released regularly. It is best to create a schedule and stick with it. For instance, you can try releasing a new video every week or every other week. Regardless, you need to make sure that your viewers are aware of your schedule so they can enjoy your videos as soon as they’re released.

Over time, you will have a portfolio of videos and a much higher watch time.


In addition to this, users should take advantage of live streams. They’re the easiest way to boost your watch hours without putting in a lot of effort. YouTube users tend to be drawn to live videos so they’re going to watch them more than conventional videos. If you go live on YouTube, people will begin joining your channel immediately. If you can live stream for several hours, you can likely reach the requirements shortly.

Whether you create gaming videos or prank videos, you can use live streams to boost your watch time quickly.

Create Longer Content

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re creating longer content. If you have a two-minute video, many people will have to watch it before you will meet the requirements. By expanding your video to half an hour or longer, viewer people will have to watch it. The only downside is that it is going to be much harder to create long content. You’ll need to work diligently to ensure that your content is engaging from start to finish.

Otherwise, the viewer may stop watching after a few hours.

Use End Screens

Once a user reaches the end of your video, you should make them watch another video. One way to do that is by using end screens. Using end screens is another good option. It’ll encourage viewers to move from one video to another so your watch time increases rapidly. Always add end screens to each of your videos to keep viewers around for as long as possible.

Thankfully, creating content for YouTube can be fun and relaxing. If you’re willing to work diligently, you’ll eventually reach the requirements so you can begin making money. Before you know it, your audience will grow and you’ll have a popular channel on YouTube.

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