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How to Insert, Add Footnotes in Word

by Fahad Saleem

Footnotes are the textual or visual stamps that are added to the end (foot) of the documents. Mostly, footnotes are added in the document in the form of company, institute name, contact, quote to make sure the presence of important information throughout the documents. Microsoft Word is the primary tool for document processing and a lot of users have asked about how to add footnotes in word. Let’s see how to insert and add footnotes in Microsoft Word.

Add Footnotes in Word

Launch Microsoft Word.

Click the exact location where you want to start your footnote. This is the place where your footnote text will be appeared so be very careful and specific.

add footnotes word 1

After clicking the location for the footnote, click the ‘Reference’ tab from the menu bar and click ‘Insert Footnote’. The option’s location will be slightly different based on word versions, but the footnote option is always there, so look closely.

add footnotes 2

Now Click the Insert Footnote button, and you will immediately see a footnote added with the cursors bliking.

add footnotes 3

Add the footnote text by typing from the keyboard. This text will appear as the main text in footnote.

add footnotes 4

You can also change the layout, design, font and text of the footnotes by clicking the small tilted arrow just beside the lower bottom corner of the Insert Footnote section as shown in the image.

design footnote add footnotes 5

You can add numbering, fonts, textual styling and much more from this menu. After all the editing, just hit Apply.

add footnotes 6

That’s it. This was how to add footnotes in Word. This procedure can be followed to insert and add footnotes in Word 2013, Word 2010 and other versions as there is no difference in the overall process. If you face any problem, feel free to share it in the comments and I will solve it for you.



Images: SolveYourTech

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