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How to Install Andorid M: Get Android M in Nexus 5, 7, 9 Right Now (Guide)

Google recently announced the new iteration of its Android OS. It’s called Android M. As expected, a majority of Android users couldn’t get Android M on Android phone before Google officially launches it for all devices, which will be around next year. But if you have a Vanilla device—-any Nexus device—- you can install Android M on it. Here’s how.

Your device must be unlocked. You should have the image of Android M developer preview. You must also have fast boot in your Android phone. Here are the necessary download links before you get started with the process.

Download Android M Image Preview for Nexus devices by clicking the links given below. Make sure to click the link according to your device model.

Android M Image for Nexus 5

Android M Image for Nexus 6

Android M Image for Nexus 9

Install Android M in Nexus Device

You must also have the fastboot tool. You can get it by installing Android SDK. Click this link to learn how to install Android SDK.

Developer mode must also be ON your Android. To enable the developer mode, follow the steps given below.

Go to Settings on your Android phone.

Tap About Phone.

Scroll down and you will see an option named ‘Build Number’. Keep tapping it. After around 7 taps, you will be notified that the developer’s mode is now turned on. You will be able to see ‘Developers Options’.

Extract the download Android M preview image in your computer and save the extracted files somewhere easy to find.

Connect your phone with your computer using the data cable.

Now we have to turn on the debugging mode. Here’s how to do it.

Launch Settings in your Android phone.

Scroll down and tap ‘Developers options’.

Toggle ON the ‘USB Debugging’ Mode.

Open command line in your computer. If you are using Windows PC, open run and type ‘CMD’ in it and hit Enter. Command line terminal will be opened.

Here comes the real deal: You have to navigate to the file where the Android M preview image is saved in your computer. The path must be exactly the same where the file is located. Type the path in the terminal like this


cd C:\your\Android-M-image-folder-path

And hit Enter.

Note: Android-M-image-folder-path means the exact path of the Android M preview image file.

Now type

adb reboot bootloader

And hit Enter.

Type flash-all and hit Enter

That’s it. If everything was done right, you should be able to get, install Android M on your Nexus device. Let me know if you face any problem while following the process.

Images: PhoneArena

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