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How to Leave iMessage Group Chat or Mute Group Conversation to Avoid Annoying Notifications

by Fahad Saleem

Group chats have always been fun, but they become a big nuisance sometimes, especially if some fussy participants are in the group who do not ever stop sending useless messages. Group messaging has really breached the privacy of people. The multi-way communication has perforated the ease of communication. One may be trying to relax, sleep or disconnect, but numerous other group members may have some cat or dogs pics to share with all the group members. Apple introduced iMessage group chats in iOS 7. Back then it was impossible to even mute the group chat, but today you can leave iMessage group chat easily. Here’s how you can leave iMessage group chat. You can also mute the group chat if you don’t want to look rude because leaving iMessage group would notify everyone and they will start asking you teasing questions about why you left the group.

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Leave iMessage Group Chat

Open the iMessage app and move on to the group which is exhausting you.

Tap the “Details” button from the top right side of the screen.

image: iGeeksBlog

image: iGeeksBlog

Now scroll down and you will see an option called “Leave Conversation”. Tap it and you will be out of the group for good.

However, there are a few catches here. Some users have reported that you cannot leave iMessage group chat if all of the users are not using iOS 8. Also, you cannot leave iMessage group conversation if the group does not have four or more members. But I guess a group with less than four members will not be too much noisy to make you wish to leave it.

Mute Group Conversation in iMessage

But if you cannot or do not want to leave iMessage group chat in order to avoid notifying others, you can always mute the group.

Do Not Disturb Mode is always the best option to get rid all any notification nuisances in iPhone.

Open the messages app and go to the group chat which you want to avoid.

image: iGeeksBlog

image: iGeeksBlog

 Tap Details and you will see a “Do Not Disturb” option with a toggle button.

Turn this toggle to Off.

Although you will keep seeing the text notifications on the lock screen of your iPhone, you will never hear the constant buzz and annoying notifications of iMessage so long as the Do Not Disturb mode is ON.

image: iMore

image: iMore

For any conversation which is set to DND mode, you will see a half white moon-like sign. You can always change the settings to get the notifications back.

Share your feedback in the comments if you have any confusion. If you have any query regarding tech, feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer.

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