How to Legally watch English Premier League for FREE all December

english premier league

It seems like a lot is going on around us. I mean, there’s the daily coronavirus new infections and deaths updates, the measures your place of work is taking to cope, and new ways you should be working, socializing, praying, commuting… Well, if you are an English Premier League (EPL) lover, have we got some news for you? News that will keep you distracted from all those COVID-19, new ways of working, and little to no talk of good things and happy times.

Free English Premier League this December

If you are a fan of the EPL, you know we are about to enter some of the season’s hottest period. Not forgetting, December is that time of the year when generally most people pump their brakes on what they’ve been doing for the rest of the year. That period is often turned into some quality time for family and friends.

Suppose you plan on having a laid back December with your guys and enjoy some good old soccer. This article is going to tell you how to go about that without breaking your account. We all know you will have enough bills to cater for; in between buying your family and friends holiday gifts, planning a vacation, and traveling up and about.

Amazon Prime

When most people think of streaming their favorite movies or TV series, the majority think of Netflix. Not that many people think of Amazon Prime in the first instance, or maybe not even on the second or third.

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While it remains true, Netflix takes the lion’s share of the streaming market. You might want to reconsider turning your focus on Amazon Prime, especially if you are a fan of the Premier League. The streaming service has announced that it has secured streaming rights of a number of the EPL games over the coming festive season. It has indeed confirmed it will be showing 20 Premier League fixtures over December.

So how do I watch EPL for Free?

Well, there is nothing for free! Before you close that tab, wait a minute! This article began by laying out the obvious; most people are on Netflix compared to Amazon Prime. You probably are one of them, and there is exactly where your free EPL in December comes in.

Like many streaming services, Amazon Prime gives you a free 30-day trial, after which you start paying the monthly or annual subscription fee. ‘’Ding Ding Ding’’

So, to watch the English Premier League for free. Simply sign up for Amazon Prime streaming on December 1st, 2020. Then get a whole month of free EPL viewership, and then come January, whatever you will do next remains completely at your discretion. Enjoy!😎😎

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