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How to Make a Video Game: 9 Best Software Tools


Do you want to be a video game creator? Or are you already studying Computer Engineering and would like to know the best programs to make video games? Then come with us because we are going to explain it to you right now.

Technology has allowed many talented young people to acquire new skills, and get into very competitive markets. One of them is the video game industry. Every year more and more young people want to create video games. Students are often faced with writing a variety of essays and research papers in technology, but most are looking to write my essay service to focus specifically on game making.

Creating a video game today is something accessible to many people who have an original proposal, and the video game industry has long been recognizing the talent that does not come from a AAA company.

This is because thanks to the Internet, we can get the necessary tools to start our own video game from scratch, launch it to the market and promote it.

The best programs to make video games

This list of video game software is adapted to different levels of programming and experience.

GameMaker Studio

Allows you to make a video game without much programming knowledge. Its control panel makes it possible to design a video game by simply dragging and dropping selected elements.

The advantage of this program is that it allows you to create a video game in a simple way, without having much idea of programming. The disadvantage is that you need to know some advanced programming code. The price of this program is $39 per year.

It is a tool for users with intermediate programming knowledge. Games can be exported to different desktops on Windows, Ubuntu, HTML5, Android, Android TV, iOS, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Adventure Game Studio

This tool is recommended for adventure game lovers. With this program, you can make some amazing video games, although you have to be patient to learn its scripting language.

Several video games have been created with these programs, such as the famous Monkey Island. It is an excellent bet to learn from scratch to create a great game.


This tool is one of the easiest to handle since you can create a video game just by dragging and dropping the elements. It allows you to publish the content on different platforms: iOS, Android, and Html5.

The advantage of this program is that it has a template marketplace, so we can acquire several starter designs. The disadvantage is that it is too limited if you want to create a complex game. You can try the first month for free and then the cost is $17 per month. It can be used to create arcade-type videogames, and it can also be perfect to produce a mobile game.


This program was created by Carnegie Mellon University to teach development and programming in schools and institutes, its code is programmed in Java and its handling consists of dragging and dropping 3D elements.

This program has different starting elements so that we can use them in our creations. In this way, we can pour all our creativity to make an interesting product.


This program has a system based on tiles and hierarchy. We can create all kinds of video games without knowing much code, just dragging tiles and assigning properties.

The advantage of this program is that you can create your own classes, with everything you learn. The disadvantage is that it does not have as many templates as other programs.

The mobile version is free, but the PC version is available for $199 per year.

Free programs to make video games

There are several programs with which you can start making video games for free:


It can be used as a way to enter the world of interactive storytelling. Its system allows us to start in the field of games gradually and simply. Everything that is written or designed within the program can be published as a Temple, and can even be commercialized. It is an easy way to learn programming techniques.


This program can help lay the groundwork for being a good narrative designer. Creating a narrative story can be an easier task from this software, as it has a simple-to-use system.

You don’t need to be a programmer, designer, or illustrator to be able to use this tool. You can simply start using it and with a lot of practice, you can master the art of narrative storytelling.


It is one of the most used programs in the video game market. With it have come to create games as well-known as Resident Evil Umbrella Corps or Pokemon Go.

It has a multitude of functions in its free version and has a community that is willing to help anyone who starts with the program. It uses C++, C, and C# programming languages, but this is an incentive because we can take a leap in our learning as creators.

Buildbox Free

This program allows us to create a video game without having much idea of these codes. This tool allows us to create 2D and 3D games. It is completely free so it can be excellent for learning this discipline. It also has a paid version to acquire new skills with its new features. It has never been so easy to get started in this market.

Game developing at the initial stage may seem difficult and confusing, but the main thing is that you really like it and you’re definitely going to succeed. We hope that this article will help you at the beginning of your career and you will be able to create cool games!

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