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How to make Emoji of yourself using the Emojiface app

by Felix Omondi
How to make Emoji of yourself using the Emojiface app

Emoji have become our favorite means to express ourselves, especially when having an informal communications through the various chat platform. Few would know this, but Emoji trace their roots (not to Apple as popularly believed) to Japanese electronic messages and webpages. The word Emoji stems from two Japanese words ‘picture’ – (e) + ‘character’ – (moji).

Nonetheless, Emoji became more mainstream in the West and eventually globally after Apple adopted these Japanese ways of communication in their iPhones. Android later followed suit and Microsoft jumped in and the rest is history. Currently, there are many Emoji out there and used by virtually anybody and everybody using any form of chat platform.

Be that as it may, there are many Emoji out there. Some offering richer graphics and aesthetics experience than others. Some even give you some ‘GIF’ effects where you get to add some bit of picture-in-motion effect albeit with greater effectiveness to express yourself.

Today Innov8tiv is going to share with you an app that will enable you make personalized Emoji of yourself, your pet or people around you. What better way to send Emoji than using your own face as the Emoji instead of the generic one that offer no personality?How to make Emoji of yourself using the Emojiface app

To turn your own face into an Emoji, you will need the Emojiface app. Simply take a selfie of yourself and using the app create an Emoji that you can use while chatting with your friends in iMessage, WhatsApp, and so forth.

The Emojiface app will not only enable you create personalized Emoji of yourself but also generate 100s from a single picture. Did I mention you can create Emoji of even your dog or cat? Hell, you could even surprise your friends by sending them an Emoji of their faces in the middle of your chat. However, you will first need to have their picture (preferably a selfie) and create the Emoji without their knowledge and send it to them at a timely moment during your chat.

Word of advice! It would better you Emojiface somebody you are close to, like a spouse, close friend or close family member. Don’t go around keeping pictures of people you have just met, tweaking those photos and sending it to them. You might come off as weird or a creep to say the least.How to make Emoji of yourself using the Emojiface app

The Emojiface is available for iOS devices FREE of charge and is already available at iTunes app store for your free download. To download the Emojiface, click here.

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