How to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

Millions of people are doing businesses online and earn money by saving the payment for rent, staff, utilities, etc. Selling clothes is one of the flourishing and most profitable businesses that is currently running online. People sell new as well as used clothes online and make money. The question arises, how people can make money by selling clothes online?

There are specific tips, tricks and practices that you can follow in order to make money by selling clothes online.

  • Look for the designer labels if you want to sell clothes online and make a great customer base. The prices of branded clothes might seem higher, but compared to the retail price, they average up to 75% in savings. Few brands popular and more in demand are: Diane von Furstenberg, Elie Tahari, J. Crew, James Perse, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Theory, Topshop, Tory Burch and Zara.

Whereas, when time comes to resale, these brands stand the test of time – in terms of both style and durability: Michael by Michael Kors, BCBG Max Azria, Paige Denim, Sanctuary Clothing, Lilly Pulitzer, Splendid, James Perse and French Connection.

  • Look for the seasonal pieces of clothes. They are sold more than other clothes and help in making a huge money.

Following are a few tips to make money by selling clothes online:

Make them worth selling

Try to set the price of clothes right. Look for the similar items and their price and then set the price of your clothes according to that. Your price should be according to the market rate and not what you wish to be paid. Try not to sell very inexpensive items that will not be worth your time. Decide the minimum price that you want to sell an item for and do not go below that threshold. For instance, do not sell any cloth below $10.

Prepare your clothes

If you are selling clothes online, make them presentable. Pack them in a way that impresses the customers and they shop from you again.

Prep the stage

Customers buy things online by just seeing the pictures. They are worth a lot more than words. Make sure that the pictures you take are clear with an uncluttered background. You can take pictures of clothes by hanging your items from the back of a door or laying them flat on your bed or a table. Try to use natural light while taking the pictures. Do not take pictures at night. You can edit the pictures by using some program – brighten them and crop them to make them as pleasing to eyes as possible.

Brilliant description

The best description consists of title and an accurate description. Title is the key to be found. Try to add all the necessary information in the description that buyers look for like brand, size, material, color, etc.


Every website or app has its own fees. Try to look for the cheap platform where you sell your clothes, since these fees can have a big impact on your profits.


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