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How to Make Money with Graphic Design Online


There is a tone of ways that you can generate money online at the comfort of your home, one of those being an online graphic designer. Have you ever wondered how to get paid in this field that you can ditch your daily job? You don’t have to be an expert to get the salary that you always admired. In this article, we will look at ways that you can follow to exude perfection using the internet. However, your skills must be outstanding so that you can compete effectively in this field. You are going to learn some of the techniques to help you in adopting this new job. Let’s see.

Ways to Make Money Online as A Graphic Designer

There are methods that you can follow to be the best designer, even as a beginner. The following tips will guide you to come up with your unique style in graphics.

Formation of an Image Template Using Pinterest

You can create a pin style that will be used by other bloggers by learning extensively on the course so that you are a perfect designer. You will learn how to use Google fonts because it’s the basis for studying to become perfect. The creation of image templates is easy and straightforward to make, making them the best starting point in the design. When bloggers view these templates, you get money. You must be very keen on their creation because the more the writers understand them, the higher the pay.

The advantages of having templates in your design

It’s easy to design, and not much concentration is needed.

It’s not time-consuming

Its value is high hence easy to generate more money.

The disadvantages of having templates in your design

The template that you choose is based on the interest of the consumer, which may not match with yours making it inappropriate to use.

FYI – You don’t have to build your graphics from the ground up, every time, all the time. There’s a plethora of Curated Templates by Zyro to select one from, and customize it further to your liking.

Create Swag Website

In this site, you need to be creative enough to make a site that people will log into to make money. In this site, you attach your graphics, and eventually, people buy the graphics earning a lump sum of money. An example of such a website is the bubble gum. It is a site for designers to make other graphics hence a very lucrative way of earning money online using graphic design. 

Advantages of using swag website

Relieves stress in creating because it’s fun

It doesn’t involve a lot of time consumption because setting up the site is secure.

The quality exuded by the site is high, and this attracts more customers to your site.

The disadvantages of using swag

You cannot make more than the whole site is making; hence this might limit your growth, but it’s appropriate for beginners.

Making Quotes and Market Them on Etsy

Often, people create their quotes and showcase them on social media without the consent that they can graphically make money. Print out your designs and showcase them on Etsy so that you can earn as a graphic designer. 

Advantages of Creating Printouts and Selling Them in Etsy

You can make use of fonts by creating the printable.

You can make a lot of money using these quotes, and you will not have to upgrade continually.


They can make little money when consumers don’t see creativity. 

Logo Design

Having learned graphic design extensively, you can guide an organization in the steps of having a unique guide. However, you should consider their specifications to build trust and consult you once they need another branding.

Advantages of Creating a Logo for Consumers

They are rare, so selling them is beneficial for a beginner.

After creating the first impressive logo, it becomes an advertising point for your skills in logo creation.

The Disadvantages of Creating Logos for Sell

It’s hard to get a market for their sales because not all organizations have a logo.

You have to be very experienced for a company to trust in you.

Design a WordPress Theme

These designs are relatively expensive. You can choose to customize the graphics in a cheaper alternative because you earn from it. People will not use the free word press because they will trust your authentic prices. The creation of a website is expensive, so consider using another site to offer cheap customized but efficient graphics. Consumers have a phobia for word press because they rate them so valuably high, you should not price them at a throw-away price. 


They make a high profit because they are rated at a high value.

They don’t take a lot of time while customizing.

The disadvantages

It’s not easy to complete the customization if the contract is not clear on the website.

Creating Facebook and Twitter Coverpages and Affiliate Marketing Ads

Social media runs the world, whether we admit it or not. The cover page images are an essential tool for better branding. You can make use of Buzzsumo to select a picture that was liked most and make it their profile picture. Graphic design is essential in knowing which catchy lines to use to attract more fans for the customer. Make sure that your work is perfect to create a bond for another online business. You can, however, decide to create the cover pages as demos for the first time. This will build trust, and then the consumer works with you without meeting face to face.

The Advantages of Using Graphics to Design a Cover Photo

It’s the first easy and convenient way to showcase your skills in design.

They do not involve and hence are easy to make.

It creates bonds with online people that you will not have had otherwise.

The Disadvantages

People might not take you seriously when you begin by offering free services.

Design EBooks for Bloggers

You can convince the bloggers that they don’t need to buy expensive EBook’s and ensure that yours are of high quality. They are easy to make and a convenient way to make money fast.

The Bottom Line

It’s so convenient for a graphic designer to make money online as their passive business with ease. For more passive income ideas visit blog. There are a lot of misconceptions that graphic design is not an effective online business. However, following the above measure will conveniently make you a pro in working at home. You don’t have to be an established designer to make money online. All you need are your skills. Well, maybe you need money to get started. You still have various options.

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