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How to Make the Best of Your Old USB Camera?


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If you have an old camera collecting dust in the closet, there is a lot that you can do with it. First, depending on the type of camera, be sure that there’s no film inside if it’s an older model. With a digital or even a USB PTZ camera, you can simply remove your card and get rid of the camera’s body.

Whether you’ve inherited a USB video camera that you don’t know what to do with or have an old model that you no longer use, you can follow the tips below to make the best use of it.


Do you need some extra cash? A lot of photographers and businesses will sell their old cameras and use the money to purchase:

·         Lenses

·         New cameras

·         Bags

·         USB camera software

·         Other equipment

Everyone can use a little extra money in their pocket, right?

You have a lot of options for reselling, too. You can use traditional sites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace if you want to get rid of your older gear. Both of these options are great for making money.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping or would rather sell it locally, you’ll want to contact local repair shops. Depending on the camera, these shops may pay great money for them even if they no longer work.


Nikon and many other camera makers stopped supporting older camera models.

These small repair shops make a lot of money by repairing older gear. If you sell to them, they’ll often use your camera for spare parts to make repairs. Don’t expect these shops to pay top dollar for your gear, but they will offer some decent cash and you’ll know that your camera will be put to good use.

Donate to charities

Charities are always looking for good cameras. You’ll find many are looking for:

·         PTZ cameras

·         Digital cameras

·         DSLR cameras

In fact, schools are also searching for good gear. Cameras can be donated to local schools that have photography classes. Students in need and that don’t have the money to purchase their own camera gear will use the items you donate.

If you decide that you want to donate your camera, be sure to contact photography teachers who can help.

Auction it off

Auctions are a nice way to get rid of cameras that are still in good condition but are simply not being used. For example, if you have a camera that is still in good condition, but you replaced it with a better model, you can:

·         Auction the camera and donate the proceeds to charity

·         Run a contest and give it to one of your social media followers

·         Sell the item on eBay or another auction site

If the auction’s proceeds are going to a good cause, people will be more likely to participate. Unique cameras, such as a USB hidden camera, are also major hits at auction.

Recycle it

Cameras are made of many valuable materials, including:

·         Aluminum

·         Copper

·         Platinum

·         Etc.

While you may not even notice these parts, they’re crucial to the inner components of the camera. Recycling your camera allows these precious materials to be used by extraction methods.

Additionally, some of the components, such as the battery, can harm the environment and need to be recycled. However, since there are so many components, you can’t dump your camera into the recycle bin and hope for the best.

Instead, you’ll need to find a recycling center specializing in cameras and/or electronics.

Transform it into something creative

If you want to keep your camera, you can always upcycle it by transforming it into something else. For example, there are a lot of upcycle communities online that show you how to reuse your old camera equipment.

Some people will make their camera into wall art, while others will grab their stand and make their camera into a table lamp.

Others will take their lenses and plant succulents in them and in the camera’s body, too. Of course, you’ll need to remove some of the components to make this work properly, but it’s an excellent option for a quirky photography studio.

Of course, if it’s a camera you’ve inherited, be sure to shoot with it before getting rid of it. Some vintage models offer great, unique picture qualities that are hard to find with modern cameras.

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