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How to make Wi-Fi SSID hidden


Hiding your Wi-Fi SSID can usually be done through your router’s configuration settings. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access Your Router’s Configuration Page:

Open a web browser on a device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Enter your router’s IP address into the address bar. Common addresses include ``, ``, or ``. Check your router’s manual or the bottom of the router for the exact address.

  1. Log In to Your Router:

Enter your router’s username and password. If you haven’t changed these from the default settings, they can usually be found on a label on the router or in the manual. Common defaults are `admin` for both username and password or `admin` for username and `password` for the password.

If you’ve changed the login credentials and can’t remember them, you may need to reset your router to factory settings.

  1. Locate the Wireless Settings:

Once logged in, navigate to the wireless settings section. This can vary by router brand but is often under sections like “Wireless,” “Wi-Fi,” “Wireless Settings,” or “Network.”

  1. Hide the SSID:

Find the option labeled “SSID Broadcast,” “Broadcast SSID,” “Enable SSID Broadcast,” or similar.

Uncheck or disable this option to hide your SSID. The exact wording and location may vary depending on your router model.

  1. Save Changes:

After disabling SSID broadcast, save or apply the changes. Your router may reboot to apply the new settings.

Example for Common Router Brands:


  1. Log in to the router.
  2. Go to Wireless -> Wireless Settings.
  3. Uncheck Enable SSID Broadcast.
  4. Save your settings.


  1. Log in to the router.
  2. Go to Wireless Settings under the Advanced tab.
  3. Uncheck Enable SSID Broadcast.
  4. Apply the settings.


  1. Log in to the router.
  2. Go to Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings.
  3. Set SSID Broadcast to Disabled.
  4. Save settings.

Important Notes:

Remember Your SSID and Password: Since the SSID will no longer be visible, you need to manually enter the SSID and password to connect new devices.

Maintain Security: Ensure you use strong encryption (preferably WPA3 or WPA2) and a strong password.

Device Compatibility: Some older devices may have trouble connecting to a hidden network. Make sure all your devices support this feature.

If you encounter any issues, refer to your router’s user manual or support website for detailed instructions specific to your model.

Why You’d Want to Make Your Wi-Fi SSID Hidden

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