How to make your Glasses Stop Fogging Up when wearing Face Masks

How to make your Glasses Stop Fogging Up when wearing Face Masks

We live in a strange time, where the abnormal is supposed to be the normal. You are supposed to ‘social distance yourself’ from everyone, especially when out in public, wearing face masks is a must when out and about, frequent washing of hands with soap and clean running water, and you can’t pass the blunt any more when stoning.

If you wear glasses, you know just how difficult wearing a face mask can be. I mean, as soon as you breathe out, you can’t see for sometimes up to 5 seconds. It might sound funny, but you find it as hilarious if you are sited behind the wheel of a car, would you now?

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However, this article is going to share with you some ‘pro tips’ from medical doctors who have been wearing face masks for decades. You have probably come across them if you have been unfortunate enough to go to the hospital or watch documentaries, movies, and TV series about doctors.

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Have you ever wondered why doctors wearing glasses and face masks can be able to conduct heart surgery or any of the other complicated stuff they do? Well, according to a report published in the journal Annals of  the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the doctors have been using the following trick:

In line with COVID-19 prevention measures, first, wash your hands with soap and clean running water. You begin with wetting your hands, then lather it up with soap, and scrub your hands (palms, back of your hands, in-between the fingers, fingernails) for at least 20 seconds. About the same time, it would take you to sing two rounds of ‘Happy Birthday.’ Then rinse your hands with clean running water.

Now to your glasses. Wet the glasses and then lather them with soap; yes, including the lenses. Gently and thoroughly scrub the glasses with your hands. Make sure your hands are free from debris, as you do not want to leave scratches on the lenses.

Rinse your glass with warm water, making sure no soap suds are remaining. Trust me, you do not want soap suds there, because if the glasses fog up, the soap might get into your eyes.

Gently dry the glasses using a clean, soft towel or the lens cloth. Make sure the towel will not scratch your lenses.

Enjoy your glasses, which, after all the above steps, will no longer fog up when you are wearing the face mask. This tip was obtained from the medical journal cited above and should be able to work if you followed the steps ascribed correctly. Please be very careful not to scratch your lenses during the process explained above.

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