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How to Make Your Laptop, PC a Wifi Hotspot in Windows 10 for Free

by Fahad Saleem

Making your laptop or PC a Wi-Fi hotspot is super useful when you are travelling, want to use Wi-Fi but don’t want to pay on per device connected basis. As you know most of the hotels and places out there charge for Wi-Fi on the basis of devices connected. Similarly, if you have a lot of devices to be connected and your Wi-Fi connection puts a limit, you can turn your PC or laptop to share internet connection. Windows is out and many users are frantically searching for Windows 10 tips and tricks. A lot of users have asked us how to make Windows 10 PC a Wi-Fi hotspot. I am going to share the best and easy way to make your PC a Wifi hotspot in Windows 10. We will not use complex procedures like command line, LAN, connections etc. We will use a simple and free app.

Make Your Laptop, PC a Wifi Hotspot in Windows 10 for Free

There is a great free app called Virtual Router which lets you make your laptop or PC a Wi-Fi hotspot. The app works perfectly with Windows 10. It also supports Windows 7, Windows 8. The process is very easy and you can convert your PC, laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot following the steps given below.

Download Virtual Router app in your Windows 10 PC.

Now just give a Network Name to the Wi-Fi connection. This is the name which others will be able to see while making a search and scan for connection. Then give a password. It must be an 8 digit password because Virtual Router uses WPA2 security.

make laptop wifi hotspot windows 10 2

Now select the choice of internet medium from the drop down list. For example if your PC which you want to convert to Wi-Fi hotspot is connected to internet via Wi-Fi and you want other devices to be connected via Wi-Fi, choose the Wi-Fi option. Otherwise you can also selected Ethernet option.

Click “Start Virtual Router”

The above steps will convert your PC into a Wifi hotspot in Windows 10 but if things don’t work, chances are that you didn’t set the preferences correctly. Here’s how to set the preferences.

Search “View network connections” in the search option of Windows 10 start menu. Find the connection you want to share and right-click on the device. Choose “Properties.”

Now in the “Properties” tab, go to “Sharing” tab and make sure to check the box saying “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

make laptop wifi hotspot windows 10 3

In order to connect with your new Hotspot’s connection, just make a network search and the network name with the name your provided will show up. Sign in using the password you selected and the internet will be connected.

make laptop wifi hotspot windows 10 4

You can use the “Stop Virtual Router” option from the Virtual Router app whenever you want.

This is how to make your laptop, PC a Wi-Fi hotspot without any hassle. In case of confusion or feedback, feel free to comment on this post.

Images: Mashable, umpcportal

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