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How to Market & Promote Concerts & Events

No matter how great your event is, or how amazing your concert performers are, if people do not come you will not make any money. That is where marketing comes into play. According to Wikipedia, promoting is a part of marketing that communicates your intentions to the targeted audiences.

Getting your event out in front of the public is simply not enough. You must use targeted marketing towards the audience that you feel will bring in the most money. For instance, if you are promoting an event that teaches young mothers how to take care of their babies, you would not want to attract older women that have already been through the process.

  1. Pre-Event Registration

This part of the marketing plan should be started long before the concert, or event is planned for. You will try different strategies to get people from your target audience to sign up early, committing to attend when you begin.

  • Start sharing press releases to the media.
  • Promote it hard. Flood the market.
  • Use social media platforms to spread the word.
  • Write blogs, articles, and guest posts to attract your target audience.
  • Use email lists and automated programs to spam potential attendees.
  1. Event Launch and Registration

In this stage, you will use the media to influence the public. You will get your brand out to everyone that will respond, and attend. Use as many influencers as you can. The more that the public is aware of your event, or Russian concert in USA, the more likely it will be a success

  • Once again, use press releases to get the media involved.
  • Have an early bird registration advertised and marketed, giving these types of people something special, such as a discount or CD.
  • Continue to use social media platforms.
  • Boost up your content marketing with SEO strategies.
  • Continue to email everyone on your list, and on other lists that show interest like yours.
  1. Day to Day Marketing

This is your bread and butter. Every day you want to push your brand. Get it in front of as many people as possible. Remember to only target the people that are in your audience group.

  • Share to all the media groups that will run your press release.
  • Hit the social media platforms hard. Do not overdo it, though. If you spam people too much, they will become annoyed, and it will have the opposite affect of what you want.
  • Write more blogs and articles that have links to your concert and information about your event.
  • This is the stage of the game where you will want to get some paid channels to push your brand. They can become expensive so make sure that they are only used to reach your target audience.
  • Email all your contacts again and try to find some more lists to use.
  1. Registration Closing

This is the final promoting stage before the concert, or the event starts. It is extremely important, in this step, to make sure that you push the fact that this is their final chance to get tickets.

  • Time after time social media has been shown to increase attendance numbers. Continue using all the platforms.
  • Write more blogs, more articles, and more guest posts. Anything that will lead potential consumers to your site.
  • Do a heavy spam attack of email pushes. Those that have ignored your previous mail may click on this one because of the urgent lines used to catch attention.

Marketing an event throughout the United States, even if you are foreign, is done through strategic promoting with the steps above. This is obviously a very quick rundown of what you need to do. A professional company would be able to help you get going with your marketing and can even do the promoting for you. These companies will charge you a fee, but they are in the business of getting your attendance numbers up so it is worth the money that you must pay out.

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