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How to Mute a Specific Conversation Chat Thread in WhatsApp on iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

WhatsApp is perhaps the most famous messaging app to date. It is close to getting a billion monthly active users. WhatsApp tips and tricks is an area we keep updating for our readers. Today, we will share a useful tweak for WhatsApp that will make your messaging experience even more engaging and enjoyable. But for this nirvana, you will need to have an iPhone and that too a jailbroken one. Meet WA ShutUp. A tweak that lets you shut up and mute a specific conversation in WhatsApp chat thread.

How to Mute a Specific Single Chat Threat in WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, there is an option of Mute, using which you can mute the conversation thread that you feel is annoying or harassing you. But this option is only for a group messaging thread. There is no mute option for a specific single conversation. But a new Cydia tweak called WA ShutUP is in the town which lets you mute a specific conversation.

Just grab the WA ShutUP tweak from the BigBoss repo. Although it costs you $0.99, I think it’s worth it because WhatsApp is where we spend most of our time on the mobile. If someone is harassing you and you don’t want to use the block option for some reason, muting that single annoying conversation thread is the only doable option.

After installing the tweak, just slide from life to right (swipe), and hit the ‘More’ button. You will see a ‘Mute’ option apart from other options in the list.


mute whatsapp chat

Hit the Mute button and that’s it. The sender can keep on sending and messages, but you will not be notified and pinged. Enjoy!

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