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How To Play Video With Screen Off on Android Phone and Tablet

Android has an inbuilt setting, which shuts off the volume and a running video when there is no interaction. Many people want to run videos on Android devices just to listen to them and not to watch them. But the problem is that when you are not watching the video, the screen with turn off, shutting down the audio. But you can easily play video screen off Android feature with an app.

Playing a video with screen off in Android will also save a lot of battery for you. If you are listening to a song, lecture, or anything else which doesn’t want you to see it and you can listen to it, turning off the screen while playing video on your Android device is the best option.

If you have an installed Youtube app, you must remove it. For this, you can go to the Google Play Store and use the ‘Uninstall option’ of can simply remove the app from your phone. This is a pre-requisite to get the play video screen off on Android.


Now Download the Modded Screen-off Playback YouTube app

. This is the app which will let you play video screen of Android feature for Youtube videos. This app is developed by a developer from XDA-Developers forum.

Once you have downloaded, simply install the app in your phone. You can use the ES File explorer to search the app from the memory.

Upon installation, the app will give you alert about the areas which it can access. Simply allow the app.

Now open the app. You will see a tab named ‘Advanced Settings’. Tap it.

On the bottom the screen, you will see an option ‘Screen Off Playback’. Check this option and you are done.

That’s it. You can now play video screen off on Android without worrying about sounds off problems and anything.


This app can be installed on unrooted devices as well. There are many other complex methods to play video screen off Android feature, but the above-mentioned one is the simplest process. Let us know in the comments if you have any problem in running this app.



Fahad Saleem

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