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How to Post iPhone Live Photos to Instagram as Videos

by Fahad Saleem


iPhone’s live photos are fun. They are photos but they are alive. Perhaps the still, paused and one moment captured images are not fun enough on digital media. Perhaps Live Photos are a better expression of the moments- only stretched a little. Whatever the case may be, once you own an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, and  you are not capturing and sharing live photos, you definitely are missing out on one great fun feature that comes with these majestic phone. Capturing a live photo on iPhone 6s is one thing but sharing them as ‘Live Photos’ is another. If you want to post Live Photos to Instagram as videos, here is how you can do it:

Post Live Photos to Instagram as Videos

Step1    Capture a live photo.

Step2    Connect your iPhone to Mac with a cable.

Step3    Open ‘Image Capture’ app from Launchpad.

Step4    Select your Live Photo with a ‘Mov’ written in ‘Kind’ Column. This is the movie version of your Live Photo.

iphone live videos insta

Step5    Now this is the file you want to share on your Instagram. Save it on your Mac and it is ready to be shared.

Step6    Copy the photo to your phone and you’ll find it in Photos app as video. Launch the Instagram app and simply share this video.

When Live Photos feature was launched in iPhone 6s, people didn’t thought much of it. It is definitely a nice addition to a wide variety of expressions we have developed on social media over years of rapid growth. We are betting that following the iPhone 6s lead, this Live Photo feature will become a standard feature on all the upcoming smart phones.

To post Live Photos on Instagram as videos makes the experience of these photos more fun for sure. Do try and let us know.



Image from:, ibnlive

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