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How to record a WhatsApp Call on Android or iPhone

by Felix Omondi
whatsapp voice call

I don’t want to go into why you would want to record a WhatsApp call, all I know some of the reasons out there might not be good; that is why it is illegal in many countries. While there are occasions doing so might be for good reasons. Be that as it may, let’s get down on how you can record a voice call on WhatsApp; whether you’re using an Android phone or iPhone.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious; despite the app morphing up over the recent years to become full of features. WhatsApp does not have an inbuilt call recording feature. To record a voice call on the app, you will need one of the following hacks.

#1 – Call Recording apps for Android phones

Both Play Store and App Store have a plethora of apps designed to record voice calls, but apps such as ‘Cube Call Recorder ACR’ comes highly recommended. This app is used to record VoIP calls on apps such as Messenger, Skype, Viber, IMO, and WhatsApp among others.

All you need is to download the app to your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. After which, whenever you want to record you simply launch the app and tap on the Microphone icon, which is located at the bottom right corner of your screen. To stop recording, tap the Mic icon again.

However, not all Android phones support VoIP Call recording. If your device is one of them, try the next hack.

#2 – Recorder

Well, there’ not always ‘an app for that,’ and this is one of them; in case your Android phone does not support apps that record VoIP calls. You can always go the hard way by placing another phone, tablet, or dedicated sound recording device next to the phone you will be making the WhatsApp call on.

It’s quite simple really, though the sound quality may get a beating, but you can improve that by making sure you take the call in a quiet environment and placing the two devices very close to one another.

Pro Tip: You can download and install the Easy Voice Recorder app from Play Store on the secondary device that will be doing the recordings.

Recording WhatsApp Calls on an iPhone or iPad

The problem with iPhone or iPad when it comes to recording VoIP apps is that there are practically no apps on the App Store that can do WhatsApp Calls voice recordings.

That means you will still have to use the ‘Recorder’ way; placing two devices side-by-side or a dedicated voice recording devices.

Pro Tip: Download and install Voice Memos from App Store on the secondary device.  This app comes highly recommended for doing voice recording.

Sadly, that is the only way you can record voice calls on an iPhone or iPad. And to wind up things, I want to remind you recording calls in most countries is illegal. So I strongly recommend you check with your local regulations before proceeding; be it your country regulations, province or area.

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