How to Record Audio Via Bluetooth Headset

Android users are facing difficulty in recording audio via Bluetooth headset not phone microphone. There are many Apps that record great using the phone mic but very few Apps record via Bluetooth headset. Below are some solutions you can try to resolve the issue of recording audio via Bluetooth headset not phone microphone.

Enable Bluetooth Recording

To record audio via Bluetooth headset, go to your phone’s Settings and tap on recordings. Under the recordings tab, select source. Now, toggle the Bluetooth preferred switch to on. All Bluetooth recordings will be recorded in the WAV format.

Mono Bluetooth App

Download the App Mono Bluetooth from Google Playstore and connect it with your phone. Now, start camera and start recording the audio through Bluetooth headset while recording the video. The issue of recording audio via Bluetooth headset not phone microphone will be resolved.

Bluetooth Voice Recorder App

Another App to record audio via Bluetooth headset is Bluetooth Voice Recorder App. Download this App from Google Playstore and use it to record your audios via Bluetooth headset. It lets you record audios in different extensions and formats (.mp4,. amr, .3gp) while using your Bluetooth headset.

Voice Recorder App

Another amazing App to resolve the issue of recording audio via Bluetooth headset is Voice Recorder App. When you press the call answer button on left side of the Bluetooth headset, it opens the Voice Recorded App. Next, say ‘record voice’, it replies with ‘connecting to voice recorder’ and opens the Voice Recorder App to record audio via Bluetooth headset. It is a highly rated, free App which connect to your Bluetooth headset directly rather than through Android system.

Parrot Voice Recorder App

A free voice recorder App which records audio via Bluetooth headset. It has a simple, user-friendly interface which helps you record and create crisp voice recordings. Use the Parrot Voice Recorder App to easily record, play and share your audios with just three simple steps.

Mono Bluetooth Headset

The older and usually cheaper Bluetooth headsets are mono Bluetooth headsets. They only work on call mode and don’t connect on media mode. So, when buying your Bluetooth headset, do check if its mono Bluetooth headset or not. This can resolve the issue of recording audio via Bluetooth headset.

Fahad Saleem

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