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How to Recover Deleted Files

by Felix Omondi

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Some people like to dramatize it that this one small device has replaced the calculator, mirror, cam-coder, TVs, DVD player, and Bible, among other standalone devices. Nonetheless, smartphones are increasingly playing a critical role in our lives; we school, socialize, bank, and conduct business on it. No wonder when things go haywire with the device, we run to Google and type things along the lines of recover deleted files on Android, iPhone data recovery, Android data recovery software, and how to recover deleted videos on Android phone without root.

Well, if you are reading this you probably have been in a situation where you were wondering how to recover deleted files on Android without computer. If not the above-mentioned words. Then sit back as we give away pro tips on how to recover deleted files on your smartphone.

To Root or Not to Root?

Historically, smartphones were not built with the ‘trash feature’ we are used to on desktop computers. It used to be that if you delete a file on your smartphone, then by design you should not be able to access it again. However, the thing with these electronic devices, is that you really can’t truly delete a file. Yes, eventually the file will get deleted from the system, but it is quite a process.

A process that the smartphone operating systems (both Android and iOS) were designed not to bother with deleted files recovery. So most people had to resort to reaching beyond the default reach the OS was designed to allow them. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about rooting an Android device or as iOS users would say, jailbreaking an iPhone.

Admittedly, there are power users who can get away with rooting or jailbreaking their device. Usually, they have far advanced technical skills and a better understanding of security than the average John and Jane Doe you would come across. For the average users, you are better off not rooting or jailbreaking your device for reasons we had covered in your previous article here and here.

Dr. fone – Data Recovery doesn’t require rooting

The internet has a plethora of choices for data recovery tools, and some have been available for years. However, the bulk of those tools require super-user access to your device. Meaning, you will be required to root or jailbreak your device. As we mentioned above, the average user is better off not coming anywhere near rooting and jailbreaking of their devices. The process comes with a lot of inherent risks.

That said, innov8tiv magazine would like to introduce you to a better data recovery tool that popped up in our radar. This tool not only gets the job done right fast on the first instance, but will not require you to root or jailbreak your device.

Dr. fone – Data Recovery tool will recover deleted files on Android such as pictures, videos, text messages, audios, call history, and documents. As it works out, data recovery by design is not possible on a regular phone. So this device will temporarily root/jailbreak your device, do the recovery, and immediately it is done, un-root it. All without voiding your warranty or exposing yourself to the inconveniences and risks with leaving your phone rooted.

The same goes for iPhone data recovery. You can get back your deleted files on iPhone without jailbreaking your device. We all know how uptight Apple is with their ecosystem; they want you to go to them for everything and anything. No matter how mundane or huge, and as you go to them, bring your credit card or cash with you!

DIY Data Recovery using Dr. fone Data Recovery

With this tool, you can recover deleted files on your phone all by yourself. It does not require advanced technical skills and you will certainly not be losing money paying some tech-guy to do the recovery for you.

Simply download and install the tool on your device. However, you need to enable the ‘USB Debugging’ feature on. Then run the app, and tap on what you want to recover: text messages, call logs, videos, photos, audios, or documents.

At this point, the application will automatically recognize your device and give you a list of various files that it can scan for recovery. Choose the type of files you wish to recover and tap on the ‘Next’ button.

You will next be presented with the following options:

  • Scan for deleted file: which will be a quick process
  • Scan for all files: it will take a significant amount of time

Assuming you are pressed for time, you would probably go for ‘Scan for deleted file.’ Once the scanning process is done, you will have recovered the deleted files. Additionally, your temporarily rooted or jailbroken device has been un-rooted or ‘jailed-back.’

Wrapping up

Looking at the above process of how to recover deleted files on Android phone. Won’t you agree that Dr. fone Data Recovery is a much better tool that addresses the question ‘how to recover deleted video from Android phone without root?’ The process is just as easy when it comes to iPhone data recovery. Given the sensitive nature of the information that is stored or pass through our smartphone. You do not want to put the Cybersecurity integrity of your device to chance. First, avoid rooting your phone as much as possible.

On that front, Dr. fone Data Recovery scores highly as it roots your device for just a short while and quickly un-roots it once it is done with the recovery. Few Android data recovery software out there know how to recover deleted videos from Android phone without root or how to recover deleted files on Android without computer. For those reasons, we believe all your questions on how to recover deleted files on your smartphone are answered by this tool. Give it a try today, and be sure to write down your experience using this tool in the comments sections for other users who don’t like to be first-in-line in trying out new things.

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