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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from iPhone


iPhones are powerful devices that are able to replace cameras, MP3 players, and even notebooks. They are to store large amounts of information and provide users with easy access to all the files even on the move.

Yet, sometimes you just can’t find the needed files on your phone. It’s not because you do not remember the exact name of the folder but because they are lost. The reasons for such situations may be carious. Most often, it happens after the iOS updates. If you discover that some files are missing, you are to explore one of the following methods of iPhone data recovery.

You should take into account that the following information on how to recover deleted files on iPhone may be useful for those who have permanently lost the data. When it comes to the temporarily deleted files, they can be restored without any additional tools. You should only the Photos app, tap on Albums at the bottom, and select the Recently Deleted album. All the temporarily deleted photos and videos are there. If you need to restore notes, you should open the Note App and find the Recently Deleted category.

Getting Back Deleted Data

Yet, if you deal with permanently deleted files, you can’t cope without special iPhone data recovery software. It should be highlighted that it’s necessary to start the retrieving process as soon as possible in order to avoid irretrievable loss of the files. You have to follow such algorithm:

  • Download and install effective software.

On the Net, there are lots of available variations. Yet, it’s better to work only with reliable tools. Disk Drill is perhaps the best software for recovering deleted iPhone data you may find on the Net. It’s better to use a paid version of the program while it deals with an unlimited amount of information you may recover. The prices are affordable and reasonable.

  • Connect your phone to the computer.

You are to choose your iPhone on the toolbar that appears on the screen.

  • Set up recovery requirements.

If you use Disk Drill, it’s up to you to decide what drives the program should scan. You can also specify the type of the data or files.

  • Launch the scanning process.

Disk Drill is a rather accurate tool. It’s able to recover almost all the deleted files. Scanning may take several minutes or hours depending on the amount of information the tool should check.

  • Review the results and pick up files you desire to get back.

Finally, you can watch the files the program finds and decide which of them should be recovered.

Even if you use this software for the first time, you won’t experience significant difficulties. The interface is user-friendly and possesses no useless details.

When it comes to recovering deleted text messages on iPhone, the first step you have to take is to restore a recent backup version. If you do not apply this function, you still have the chance to get the needed information back. For this purpose, you are to apply iTunes.

To do this, you have to connect the phone to the computer and launch iTunes. Then, you are to pick up your device and access Summary on the menu on the left. You are to launch Restore Backup on the computer (not on the phone).

Finally, if the above-mentioned methods do not work, it’s possible to try to restore messages with the help of Disk Drill. The thing is the program supports various formats.

Steps to recover deleted files from iPhone


So, if you’ve lost some files from your iPhone, it’s not obligatory to fall in despair and start a panic. Nowadays it’s possible to restore almost any data without great effort. It’s only necessary to pick up the right software.

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