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How to Refund iTunes, App Store App or In-App Purchase

If you purchased an app, music, movie, book or TV show on iTunes or app store, and want to get a refund, you will be happy to know that it is perfectly possible under some conditions. The first condition to get a refund for iTunes in-app purchase or any other purchase is that you should be requesting the refund only for a valid reason: that is, the app or movie you purchased is not working the way it was supposed to do, or it is crashing again and again. These malfunctions must be consistent, not periodic or accidental. Apple will do the detailed scrutiny of your claim and if found valid, you will be given back your money. Here’s how to refund in app purchase, app, movie or music purchase on iTunes.

How to Refund iTunes, App Store App or In-App Purchase

Refund App Purchases Using iTunes

Launch iTunes in your computer.

Click on your name from the top and from the drop down list, click on Account Info.

The system will ask you your password. Type your correct password in order to proceed.

Under the “Purchase History” section, you will see “See All” option. Tap on it.

You will see a list of all your previous purchases on iTunes. Click on the arrow just next to the specific purchase for which you want to file a claim for refund.

Click on Report a Problem next to the single purchase if there is only one problem. In case there are multiple problems or you want to explain the problem in detail, you can choose the large report problem button.

You will be directed to Apple’s website where you will have to explain the details of the problem. Just follow the on screen instructions. The process to file for a refund in app purchase or any other app purchase is easy and straightforward.

If you don’t want to use iTunes for the complete refund claim process and rather want to do things in a quicker way, you can use the Apple’s website directly to file a complaint.

Refund App Purchase Without iTunes

Open Apple’s report a problem website.

Login with your Apple ID.

Select the tab based on the category of the product you purchased i.e. books, apps, TV shows.

Find the purchase you want refunded.

Select Report a Problem to the right side of the purchase.

Now select and give the reason for refund iTunes app purchase.

Fill the description box and give as much detail as possible.

Select Submit.

If the reason was valid, and everything was done according to the rules, Apple’s support will contact you within one or two days of complain submission to verify the details and the refund for app purchase will be made without any problem.

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