How to Remove Facebook Contacts from Phonebook in Android

Android OS has got this big problem of imbibing contacts information from other apps like Facebook, Skype, Google and merge them with your phonebook contacts. While this may be a good feature for those who love getting a ready, updated and diverse contacts list, this could turn your Phonebook into a cluttered place. For those users who have hundreds of Facebook friends, merging of Facebook contacts into Android phonebook contacts is a big problem. Luckily, using a trick, you could easily remove Facebook contacts from Phonebook in Android. This would save you from all the clutter. You will be able to focus on one, single, clean contacts list. Also, this would help you in privacy, anyone sifting through your Phonebook contacts will not be able to see your Facebook friends’ details.

Remove Facebook Contacts from Phonebook Android

Launch Facebook app in your Android phone.

Press the Menu button and you will see a popped up screen giving you many options. Just tap ‘Settings’ to launch the app settings.

At the end of the list, you will see a tab called ‘Sync contacts’. By default, Facebook keeps this option turned on and that’s why your Facebook contacts get merged with Phonebook contacts. Tap this option and select ‘Don’t sync’.

That’s it. Facebook will no longer push the contacts and they will not be synched with your Facebook contacts.

But wait a minute, what about those contacts which were already synced? Yes, Android  keeps those contacts synched, which were merged before the change of the settings from Facebook.

In order to remove Facebook contacts from Phonebook, launch you contacts app.

Press the Menu button

Tap ‘Settings’

Tap ‘Contacts’

Now you will see a list of apps. Android wants you to select the apps for which you  want to synch the contacts and show them with your phonebook contacts. Just uncheck the Facebook app here. Or if you want to remove contacts from other apps like WhatsApp, Skype, you could uncheck them here.

This would remove Facebook contacts from the phonebook in your Android phone. Enjoy the clean, straight forward, no-duplicated-contacts-list in your phone. Let us know in case of any problem.

Images: JoyofAndroid

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