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How to remove invasive ‘Opt Out’ Pop Ups in Android?

by Fahad Saleem

Despite the best features of Android phones, owners are experiencing “Opt Out” pop-ups adware that cannot be controlled.

The issue is much more common in Samsung phones and people have suggested several ways in which this issue can be tackled.

  • ESPN app might be the culprit if it is installed in your phone. After its installation, ad pop-ups start appearing. To remove invasive ‘Opt Out’ pop-ups, delete this app from the phone.
  • ES file explorer might be causing the issue in phones. Deleting it solves the problem for some users.
  • According to some users, the issue of ads popping up was solved by following this method: go to Settings > Apps. Find the ‘Chrome’ app and tap on “Force Stop”. Clear the cache and then tap on “Disable”. Shortly after tapping on ‘Disable’, a message is received asking if one wants to install the factory version of this app. Reply with ‘yes’ and let it install.

Close all the applications running on the phone and power off it. On turning phone back   on, the issue of ‘Opt Out’ pop-ups go away.

  • Login to your Gmail account and go down to the bottom. It will say ad-on settings. Turn them off and then scroll down to where it says add choices to control ads from other networks. Tap on it. The problem gets solved.
  • Look for all the apps that are running wile ads are popping up. The app that is causing these ads will be showed. Delete this app since it is causing these ads to be displayed on the phone.
  • Some users have suggested that the opt out “malware” is in the system by using Malwarebytes. This cannot be removed. However, it can be stopped. Users found that a green droid named system was the problem. Blocking it in the firewall solves the problem. NoRoot firewall works.
  • Use the “lookout” app or Air Push Detector to find the app with adware and uninstall it. Stubhub might have caused the issue.
  • Try using your phone in the Safe Mode. Invasive opt out ads stop popping up on your phone.


  • Some users suggested that the culprit behind this issue is live wallpapers HD. Delete this app and the issue gets solved.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Ads. Check the box for opt out of interest-based ads. This method fixed the issue for a few users.


  • Use Norton Mobile Security. There is an Anti-Malware feature in the pro version, called App Advisor. It scans all the applications on phone and runs automatically.


Furthermore, Clean Master and AMC Security have also good reviews for treating the malwares in the phones.


  • If the problem of ads popping up does not gets solved, then go for factory resetting of our phone.

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