How to Remove Small Circular Navigation Bar Menu in Huawei Phones

Several Huawei P10 and other users of Huawei smartphones complain that they are consistently seeing a circular navigation bar menu which always gets in the way of them doing different tasks on their phones. This little menu, when clicked, expands and shows different options like crop and settings.

But most of the users want to remove this circular navigation bar in Huawei smartphones.

Let’s get directly to the point and see how to remove this small circular navigation bar in Huawei Android phones.

Remove Small Circular Navigation Bar Menu in Huawei Phones

Open Settings in your Huawei phone.

Go to “Smart Settings.”

You will see a feature called “Float Multitask.”

You should disable this Float Multitask feature in order to get rid of the small circular navigation bar. Basically, this menu is designed for people who want to quickly switch between different apps and multitask. But it turns out, not many want to use this feature as it often becomes a distraction rather than a productive addition to your phone.

Some other devices users have tried another way to remove this option. Different phones have different settings names.

Open Settings and go to “Smart Assistance.”

Go to System Navigation.

Now turn off or disable the Navigation Dock option.

If you are still not able to remove the small navigation bar in your Huawei smartphone, leave us a comment on this post with your device details and we will get back to you with another solution.

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