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How to Run Android Games on PC using Nox Player


Do you have certain games that you play all the time on your Android device? Games like Fortnite? Minecraft? PuBG? Have you ever wondered if you can play those same games on your PC? The answer is yes, when you install a free Android emulator called Nox Player.

How to Download Nox Player:

Downloading and installing Nox Player is simple:

1. Download Nox Player onto your PC or Mac using the official link

2. Click on the downloaded file in your downloads folder, and the installation will start.

3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions

4. Click on Install and then choose between online and offline installation – offline will take around 15 minutes or so, online takes just a couple of minutes.

5. Wait for the Nox Player icon to show on your desktop – it is installed.

How to Use Nox Player

1. Open Nox Player and leave it to set up – this can take several minutes.

2. When it is done, there are already some icons on the emulator home screen, including Google Play Store – click the Play Store icon.

3. Sign in using your Google account details or choose to set up a new account

4. Follow the screen directions to complete the setup – you can leave this bit if you want, you can still use the emulator.

5. When it’s finished, several new icons appear on the screen’s right – file transfers, APK downloads, and some others.

6. Download any app you want from the Play Store – be aware that if the app is a paid one, you will still need to pay for it.

Nox Player Features:

Nox Player has plenty of features:

* Fast Downloads – highest-speed downloads of any emulator

* Smooth Gameplay – lots of customizable settings, including choosing how many CPUs and how much RAM you use

* External Controller Compatibility – unlike most Android devices, Nox Player lets you use third-party controllers.

* Device Emulation – emulates your device, including IMEI number, phone number, and more.

* Root Access – Nox is rooted out of the box with Superuser, so you have access to all your computer files.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With lots of questions being asked about Nox Player, these are some of the more common ones:

What is Nox Player?

It is a free, stable, and powerful Android emulator that allows you to use Android apps and games on your PC or Mac computer. Using the emulator lets you play your favorite games using your computer resources – screen, RAM, memory, and more.

Is Nox Player Safe?

Yes. It passes all the primary antivirus and anti-malware tests and doesn’t contain any nasty surprises.

How Does Nox Player Compare with BlueStacks?

Both of these are useful emulator apps, but Nox Player offers that little bit more:

* BlueStacks may be a larger emulator, but it is slower than Nox Player and doesn’t have such good performance.

* Nox Player is easier to root than BlueStacks

* Both score high in benchmark tests, but Nox Player is the lighter, faster emulator with better performance.

How to Add a Game Controller to Nox

1. Plug your game controller into your Mac or PC

2. Wait for the connection to be successful, and you will see the controller icon at the top of the emulator screen.

3. Tap on the icon – the Settings will open.

4. Make the changes that suit you and save them.

5. Close Settings and the controller is ready to use

How to Fix Error 1020/1008 – Virtual Machine Failed to Start

1. Reboot your computer and then close down your firewall and antivirus

2. Right-click the Nox Player icon

3. Click on Open File Location from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Nox, and you will go straight to the Nox File folder.

5. Click on the folder named noxvm

6. Find the folder called NOXVM and right-click it.

7. Click on Run as Administrator in the drop-down menu.

8. The error should now be gone.

And How Do I Fix Error 1005 – Outdated Graphics Card?

1. Click on Multiplayer

2. Click Rendering Mode and set it as OpenGL or DX.

3. Reboot Nox

4. If the issue hasn’t cleared, update the drivers for your graphics card.

5. If it still won’t go away, your card is incompatible with the emulator, and the only way to fix it is to replace it.

How Do I Resolve Error 1006 – Nox Need’s to Reboot

This error appears when your version of Nox Player is out of date. Download the newest version from the official Nox Player website, and the error should go. If you already have the latest version and the error still appears, change the rendering mode using the steps above to fix the issue.

Nox Player is by far the best Android emulator available today. Not only is it free, but it is also fast, secure, and light, so download it today and enjoy all your favorite Android games on your desktop computer.

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