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How To Run iPhone,iPad Apps/Games in Windows PC, Mac, Linux

by Fahad Saleem

Running iPhone and iPad apps on my Windows PC was my dream since day one. The beauty and seamless experience iOS apps provide is matchless; the iPad games and iPhone productivity apps are famous for their unparalleled interface nirvana, features and simplicity. I recently found a way to run iPad, iPhone apps on Windows PC. In fact, using this way, you could run iOS apps on Linux and Mac as well. There is no default way to do it. You will have to use an emulator—- or simulator to be precise in this case. Meet iPadian, the only best available iOS simulator which builds  the complete iPad like environment in your Windows, Linux, Mac PC.

Here are some shortcomings of iPadian: It does not offer live support for the app store, which means you couldn’t download and play all the iOS apps. It has its own store, which offers a limited number of iPad, iPhone games; a reasonable number of general apps.

iPadian provides sleek, similar-to-iPad interface. It uses the Adobe AIR to run the iOS platform in your computer. Any PC having Adobe AIR could run iPadian pretty easily.

Download iPadian in your PC.

Don’t freak out if the computer gives a malware warning. iPadian is confused to be a malware by many security software. Make sure you are downloading it from a reliable download website/official source.

During installation, if the computer asks you to update Adobe Flash/AIR, you must do it, as iPadian works on Adobe technology. You should also have an updated .Net framework if you want to run iPhone, iPad apps in Windows PC.

Once installed, open the iPadian .exe file. You should see a new desktop environment which looks a bit like iOS interface.

Go to the app store and search the iPhone, iPad apps and games you want to install in your PC.

Enjoy iPad games, iPhone apps. The software takes pretty reasonable resources depending upon your PC and doesn’t kill the memory, cache.

Whenever you want to kill the iPadian environment, just hit the Windows button at the bottom right corner and you will be redirected to the normal desktop.

That’s it. This was how to run iPhone, iPad apps in your Windows PC. You could also use this software to run iOS apps in Linux, Mac.

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