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How to Run WhatsApp, Instagram and Famous Android Apps in Mac

by Fahad Saleem
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How to Run WhatsApp, Instagram and Famous Android Apps in Mac

If you are a Mac user and wants to run Android apps on Mac OS X, you are in a heaven. While I can’t promise you that every Android app will work on Mac, I can guarantee that famous Android apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber and other famous Android apps will definitely work in Mac.

Meet App Runtime too, Google’s masterpiece tool to Run Android apps in your computer, Mac.  ARC Welder duplicates the run time environment of mobile in your Mac and runs the mobile apps in that environment. But sometimes, the tool acts sloppy. Many app developers put a restriction regarding the duplication of runtime mobile environment variables. This blocks those Android apps running on Mac. But still, as I said before, you can try and run all the famous Android apps in Mac.

Run Android Apps in Mac

Here’s how to use the ARC welder tool to run WhatsApp, Instagram and other Android apps in OS X.

Install the ARC Welder extension in the Google Chrome Browser in your Mac.

Download the apk file of Android app in your Mac. You can use famous online repos for famous Android apps. You can try this link.

Now Run ARC Welder and select a local directory/location.

Click ‘Add your APK’ and browser to the location of the apk file you just downloaded in the above step.

Download the Zip file and save it in the same location as the location in which you selected the local directory in the second step.

Now open the directory and extract the package ZIP file contents.

In Google Chrome go to the ‘Extensions’ section and check the Developer mode check box

Now hit Load unpacked extension and select the directory you chose in step number 3.

Open Launchpad

Click the icon of the app to launch it.

ARC is still in beta version and needs refinements. But WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media Android apps work like a charm. You can try any famous Android app to run in Mac. Let us know in the comments if it worked for you or not.

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